What to expect 1 month after a hair transplant? Get the best!

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A hair transplant is the best way to get rid of baldness. This procedure offers natural-looking and long-lasting results. Patients look younger and more dynamic after their surgery. However, this technique is not instant, and the results need several months to be visible. What to expect 1 month after a hair transplant? How do the grafts look? What to do or not to get the best results?

Here is everything you need to know!

hair transplant after 1 month

The good news 1 month after a hair transplant is that the scalp has healed and the grafted set in. There is no more scab or any sign of the healing process. However, the grafted hair falls because the follicles enter a rest phase known as the telogen phase. This loss is a normal part of the post-surgery process and does not mean the transplant failed. The hair will need three to four months to grow back and be visible. Usually, the first results are visible about six months after a hair transplant.

Hair transplant results take a long time to be visible because the grafted hair follicles follow the natural hair life cycle. It counts three phases and lasts 2 to 7 years. This cycle involves a rest phase lasting approximately three months. It can be frustrating for patients, but eventually, they can adopt a shorter hairstyle because the hair will grow back like natural hair.

The post-surgery period also depends on the chosen technique. The less invasive the method is, the faster the healing period will be. The best hair transplant technique for a quick and smooth recovery is DHI.

What to expect 1 month after a hair transplant: what to do or not!

After a month, the skin has healed, so patients may use the showerhead to wash their hair. However, they must stay away from any aquatic activity, either in the pool or the ocean, for at least two extra months. They may resume gentle physical activities such as yoga or stretching but avoid any violent or intensive sport such as basketball, martial arts, or weight lifting.

What to expect 1 month after a hair transplant: get the best!

If it is not possible to fasten the hair life cycle, habits and care may help the hair grow faster and healthier when the follicles are growing. Hair follicles need nutrients and a functional cardiovascular system to deliver those nutrients to the scalp. Patients must provide enough nutrients and keep their veins and arteries in good shape to have luxuriant hair.

Hair follicles need B family vitamins to produce hair, so patients must include them in their diet. Supplements such as nutritional yeast may be helpful to ensure a proper intake of those nutrients. Physical activities and a healthy diet are great to help blood circulation. Massaging the scalp with coconut or other natural oil is excellent to improve blood circulation. In addition, moisturizing the scalp with aloe vera gel is an ideal solution to help the hair to grow. Using a jet of cold water in the shower can boost blood circulation.

A poor diet with too many salty, sweet or greasy foods damages the cardiovascular system and reduces the number of nutrients in the scalp’s vessels.

What to expect 1 month after a hair transplant: DHI with Hair Turkey!

The most important to get the best results is to get the best technique. At Hair Turkey, we only do the best hair transplant technique available: DHI! DHI offers very natural results and is noninvasive.

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