What is a hair patch? Best to know and life-changing tips!

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Both men and women suffer from hair problems and hair loss. There are many systems to hide baldness, and a hair system is one of them? What is it exactly? How does it work? Is it efficient? How to choose it?

Here is everything you need to know!

hair patch

What is a hair patch?

This hair system is a treatment for baldness. It consists of gluing artificial hair to the scalp to cover bald spots. This technique is popular among men and women suffering from alopecia leading to bald spots and being hesitant about more permanent hair restoration techniques.

This treatment is doable on the bald spot only, and people cannot use it for low-density hair.

The artificial hair has a color and texture similar to natural hair to ensure a natural-looking result. It is glued to the scalp on the scalp with cosmetic glue.

Pros and cons of hair patch

As with every hair treatment, hair patches have positive and negative aspects.

  • Pros

The results are instant with this technique. Unlike hair transplants no need to wait for 6 to 12 months to see the results.

They offer a natural-looking result.

Hair patches are life-proof and water-resistant. They remain in place even after bathing and swimming.

Unlike hair transplants, hair patches are suitable for people who have a low-quality donor area (few hairs at the back of the head).

Hair patches are low maintenance for the person wearing them and do not require aftercare daily.

The hair patch gluing process is painless, and the side effects are rare.

  • Cons

With this procedure, the artificial hair strands are not implanted but glued on the scalp, so they are not durable like a hair transplant as the glue may degrade, and the patches fall.

This procedure is slightly cheaper than a hair transplant surgery, but it is not long-lasting. As hair patches are made of artificial hair, they do not last and must be replaced every few weeks, increasing the procedure’s cost. It is not a long-term solution to baldness.

The use of glue is also an issue as it causes irritation to the scalp and may damage the natural hair. In some cases, this technique causes the natural hair to fall, worsening the problem.

While wearing this hair system, the hair products and tools must be chosen carefully so as not to damage the hair system. The purchase of new products and tools increases the actual cost of the procedure.

Hair patches VS hair transplant

How to choose the best treatment for bald spots? The answer depends on one’s situation. Someone suitable for a hair transplant should go for it as it is a long-lasting solution to baldness. There is no maintenance issue with a hair transplant once the skin has healed. The grafts are harvested in an area where the hair is not sensitive to androgen, the hormone causing baldness, so the hair transplant results are long-lasting, even if the baldness keeps progressing.

The cost of the procedures is a determinant factor for many patients. Once again, even if a hair transplant is more expensive than the hair patch system, it does not require maintenance fees, so after a few months, the hair system has cost more than the hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplants use the patient’s hair to graft on bald areas, so the results look very natural. The grafted hair grows like a natural one and can be cut or dyed.

The artificial hair glued to the scalp has to be replaced often and often looks less natural-looking. However, a hair patch is a helpful technique for those not suitable for hair transplant due to poor quality donor area.