What a 5 months of hair growth look like?

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After a hair transplant, many patients are impatient to see the results. However, if hair transplant results are long-lasting, they are not instant. What to expect from 5 months of hair growth after a hair transplant surgery? Are the final results visible yet?

Here is everything to know!

5 months of hair growth

The patient’s look got better since the surgery. The skin healed, the hair fell, but they started growing back about three months later. Five months after the surgery, the new hair starts to be visible. They are still thin and fragile but will get thicker in the following months and eventually melt into the rest of the hair. It is common to say the first hair transplant results start to be visible six months after the surgery. The final results are visible a year after the surgery.

Hair grows approximately one centimeter per month. The hair falls three weeks after the hair transplant and grows back about three months later, five months after a hair transplant, the hair is nearly a centimeter long.

5 months of hair growth: what to do or not?

Five months after the transplant, the skin has healed, and most restrictions are no longer needed. The patient can do any sport he wants, including aquatic activities. He should be careful not to expose the grafts to direct sunlight.

5 months of hair growth: is it possible to fasten the hair growth?

It is not possible to avoid the loss of hair three weeks after a hair transplant. This phenomenon is due to the hair life cycle. During the hair transplant procedure, the hair follicles lack oxygen and the catagen phase. Hair follicles retract into the skin during this three-week phase and prepare for the resting phase, known as the telogen phase. This resting phase lasts three months before the follicles enter the anagen phase and start growing back.

There is no way to shorten this cycle. However, it is possible to boost hair growth during the anagen phase. Hair needs proper nutrients and a healthy blood system to deliver them to the hair follicles to grow fast and luxuriant. A healthy lifestyle and a good diet help the follicles to grow hair faster. Proper vitamins and minerals intake help to grow hair faster. Supplements such as nutritional yeast are also an excellent addition to the diet.

On the contrary, a poor diet with too many sweet, salty or greasy foods clogs the arteries and reduces hair growth. Smoking is also harmful to hair follicles as it reduces blood oxygenation. Physical activity is excellent for keeping a healthy vascular system.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet will help the patient achieve the best look after his hair transplant.

5 months of hair growth: hair transplant with Hair Turkey!

Having a good lifestyle and diet helps get the best results, but it is not the only factor for a successful hair transplant. To achieve the best look possible after a hair transplant, the first thing to do is pick the best technique available. If the most widespread hair transplant technique is FUE, the most efficient is DHI. DHI offers the best results because, unlike FUE, the surgeon has complete control over the implantation angle of the grafts.

At Hair Turkey, our doctor is a DHI specialist, and we only offer DHI and mega DHI to our patients. In addition, we believe all patients deserve VIP service. We have a unique package specially tailored for international patients.

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