Afro hair transplant in Turkey: best tips!

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Many patients wonder if it is possible to do an afro hair transplant in Turkey.

Hair transplant has become the best solution for men and women suffering from baldness in the last few years. Although, is a hair transplant doable on afro hair, and what to know to get the best results?

Here is everything you need to know.

afro hair transplant in Turkey

Afro hair specificities

Afro hair is different from other hair types (straight, wavy or curly). Afro hair is 20% less dense than the other hair types. Afro hair also grows slower than others because the follicles’ telogen phase (rest phase) is longer than different hair types. This hair type is also naturally dry, which makes them easier to break and more fragile.

All those reasons are why afro hair often faces alopecia.

Afro hair pathologies

Afro hair may suffer from many pathologies. The most common are:

  • Androgenic alopecia

This pathology is not specific to afro hair and affects all hair types. It affects mostly men, but women may also suffer from this condition to a lesser extent. It is due to androgen, a male hormone, like testosterone, leading to hair loss on the vertex in males and hair density in females.

  • Traction alopecia

This type of alopecia is common among women with afro hair, not because of the nature of the hair but the hairstyle in fashion for them. Braids, blow dries, straightening, extensions, or wigs may cause traction alopecia.

  • ‘Hot comb’ alopecia

This type of alopecia is due to a high-frequency heat on the hair, such as blow dries, straightening, or curling iron.

  • Scar alopecia

It is a loss due to a scar. This type of alopecia is irreversible; most of the time, it is due to a wound or an inflammation. This type of alopecia exists in all hair types.

Is it possible to do an afro hair transplant in Turkey?

It is possible to do an afro hair transplant. However, the surgeon performing the transplant must mind the nature of his patient’s hair.

To do an afro hair transplant, the surgeon must extract the grafts from the media-occipital zone of the scalp to avoid a hypertrophic or keloid scar. Better extract three or four follicles at once rather than one to get better coverage.

What technique to use for an afro hair transplant?

As with any other hair type, patients with afro hair must be careful to pick their technique. Technique and the surgeon’s skill determine the success of the transplant.

Better go for the best technique available, DHI. Direct Hair Implantation is perfect for afro hair because it offers more volume than the most widespread hair transplant technique, FUE.

Unlike FUE, with a DHI hair transplant, the surgeon has complete control over the angle implantation of the grafts, so he can implant them in a way to give the most volume possible. With a mega DHI, it is possible to cover more significant bald spots with the DHI hair transplant technique. However, this technique is more complex and requires an experienced surgeon and well-trained staff. Most clinics charge extra costs for DHI because it is longer to perform.

At Hair Turkey, we believe every patient deserves the best technique available, so we offer DHI hair transplant as our standard technique.

Your afro hair transplant in Turkey with Hair Turkey

At Hair Turkey, we know that a hair transplant’s success depends on the surgeon’s skill and adaptability, so we always mind our patient’s hair nature in our surgery process. To learn more about our experience with afro hair transplant in Turkey and our unique DHI offer, please get in touch with us via WhatsApp or our contact form!