How to get beard implants in the UK: best tips!

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Beards are all the rage. After a generation of clean shaving, men are growing back facial hair as a manly attribute. However, some men are unable to grow good-looking beards. For them, the solution is to get beard implants. How to get beard implants in the UK?

Here is everything you need to know!

beard implants in the UK

Beard implants or a beard transplant are a technique to transplant more hair into the beard area to achieve a fluffier beard. This technique is for men who cannot grow a full beard because they have a low facial hair density or a scar on the beard area.

Beard implants are a cosmetic procedure performed by a surgeon. He harvests grafts at the back of the head and transplants them into the beard area to achieve a fluffier look. A beard transplant procedure is very similar to a hair transplant, with the difference the surgeon implants the grafts on the face.

Beard transplant: pro and con

A beard transplant is a perfect solution for patients willing to grow luxuriant beards with slight facial hair. This procedure also offers outstanding results for men who have a scar in the beard area.

However, the issue with a beard transplant is the grafts are not facial hair. They are hair depending on hair life cycle, and genetic codes are different from regular facial hair. This difference means the hair texture or color may vary from the rest of the beard. Grafts need a trim because they grow much longer than regular facial hairs.

Due to this difference, beard implants are only suitable for patients with the same color and texture as beard and hair. As with any hair transplant, patients with low-density hair at the back of the head are not suitable for this procedure as the surgeon cannot harvest enough grafts.

How to get beard implants in the UK?

Many clinics in the UK offer beard transplants. However, patients must be careful and pick a reputable clinic and a reputable surgeon, as the surgeon’s experience is crucial for the procedure’s success. Without proper expertise, the beard transplant will look unnatural and won’t meet the patient’s expectations.

Cosmetic procedures are a luxury in the UK, so good clinics and experienced surgeons come at a high cost.

How much are beard implants in the UK?

Patients willing to do beard implants in the UK will have to pay from 1,700 GBP to 7,000 GBP depending on the clinic standard and surgeon fame. Most patients cannot afford those expenses to grow a good-looking beard. Hopefully, in other regions, beard transplant procedures are more affordable.

What are the other options?

Like hair transplant, beard implants prices are high in Western Europe and North America. Traveling to another country to get a better price is the best option for those willing to get a beard transplant without going bankrupt! Turkey is the best destination for this technique. Istanbul surgeons are the best in the world for hair and beard transplant techniques!

Among all the clinics in Istanbul, the best for beard transplants is Hair Turkey. Our doctor, the marvelous Dr. Kinyas, gets a lot of experience in beard transplants. He knows what patients will get the best results from the procedure.

We are also proud of offering all our patients a unique package specially tailored for international patients. Because we know traveling to another country to get a beard transplant is stressful, we plan everything for you, so you have to relax and enjoy a stress-free experience in Istanbul.

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