Best tips for beard transplant in Turkey

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Many men are affected by baldness at a point in their lives. This phenomenon mainly causes bald spots on the top of the head. But baldness may also affect beard, and many men feel insecure because they cannot grow a good-looking beard. Getting a beard transplant in Turkey is often the best way to get rid of beard baldness and recover your self-esteem. Many people are aware of hair transplants but don’t know this procedure also works for the beard. 

It is the perfect time to get a beard transplant as those last years, beards have become trendy, and the manly side of facial hair has come back. Beard is everywhere, from commercials to influencers, and it can be difficult for men with low-density facial hairs to feel confident.

beard transplant in Turkey

How does beard transplant work?

The core concept of hair transplant is to extract follicles from a donor area, often situated on the back of the head, then transplant them on a bald spot. This technic is very efficient to cover bald spots on the head and also works for facial hairs.

The surgeon extracts the graft from the back of the head and transplants them in the low hair density area of the patient’s beard—the grafts set in the skin and behave almost like natural hairs. The grafts have a different genetic code than beard hairs and need trimming because they will grow much longer than their beard counterparts.

Who is the best candidate for a beard transplant in Turkey?

The best candidate for a beard transplant in Turkey is a male patient with a rich donor area (located at the back of the head) to provide grafts. Without a good quality donor area, the surgeon would be unable to extract grafts. The baldest the patient’s beard is, the best the donor area must be.

A patient with Alopecia Universalis (a condition causing the loss of all hair and body hairs) or bald cannot do a beard transplant because of the lack of grafts in the donor area.

Why Turkey?

Why get a beard transplant in Turkey? Turkey is the top destination for hair transplants. Doctors in Istanbul are skilled and experienced professionals offering very competitive prices compared to US or European clinics. The average price of a beard transplant in Turkey is 1500 – 2000 €, while US and European clinics charge 3000 – 5000 € for the same procedure. 

Beard transplant technic is very similar to hair transplant, so Turkish doctors have the advantage of their vast experience. Istanbul clinics are very modern and perfectly equipped for beard transplant surgery. Turkish clinics work primarily with international patients and do their best to offer the best experience possible.

How to get a beard transplant in Turkey?

If you are interested in getting a beard transplant in Turkey, please contact us via WhatsApp or our contact form. We will need pictures of your beard and the back of your head to do a checkup. This checkup will let the doctor know how many grafts you will need.

Then you will decide when you want to do the surgery. You need to stay three days in Turkey. You will be able to go back to work right after you go home.
Beard transplant is a non-invasive procedure. The surgery is pain-free guaranteed, and post-surgery cares are effortless.

At Hair Turkey, we offer an all-inclusive package especially conceived for international patients: surgery, accommodation, transfer. We plan everything for you! You relax and rest after your surgery until you are back on the plane to go home.

Today is the day of your beard transplant in Turkey!