Best tips for a wonderful beard transplant!

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What would be a hipster without a beard? Beard is everywhere and is the new sign of manness! However, many men cannot grow a luxurious beard and shave to not look like a teen who does not know how to use a razor. This issue is very harsh for a man’s self-esteem.

To those men, a beard transplant is the best option to get the beard of their dream.

beard transplant

It is a cosmetic surgery technique similar to hair transplant; it aims to bring additional hair follicles into the beard to help grow a thick beard.

However, as the surgeon harvested the grafts in the back of the head, the hair will not share the same genetic code as the rest of the facial hair. The texture may differ, and the grafts need a trim because they may grow longer than natural facial hair.

Unlike Minoxidil and other drug treatments with harmful side effects, a beard transplant is a natural and healthy solution to get a luxurious beard.

How does it work?

Like for a hair transplant, the surgeon harvests grafts in the back of the head and transplants them into the beard area. This technique is very efficient for both low hair density beard and bald spots in the beard due to scars of genetics.

Beard transplants use the same technique as FUE hair transplants. The surgeon harvests from 2,000 to 5,000 grafts.

This procedure is non-invasive, and most patients need just a day of rest to be back to normal. However, some activities are to avoid after a beard transplant: smoking, sport, and aquatic activities, among others. Exposing the grafts to direct sunlight or scratching is also harmful.

The grafts need 3 to 4 months to settle in place and start growing back. The final result is visible after 8 or 9 months. It may seem long, but as the grafts are natural hair, it grows according to the hair life cycle.

Once the grafts settle into the skin, the patient is free to shave and adopt whatever style he wants; the hair will grow back like natural facial hair!

Like any surgical procedure, a beard transplant may have side effects. In most cases, they are light and temporary. The most severe side effect that may occur is an infection. It is imperative to pick a good clinique with a high hygiene standard and an experienced surgeon.

Who is the best candidate for a beard transplant?

A patient willing to do a beard transplant cannot be bald because the surgeon needs to harvest the grafts at the back of the head. Better having thick and dense hair in this area.

First of all, patients must do a hair checkup to determine if they are suitable for a hair transplant.

How much does it cost?

A beard transplant, like a hair transplant, is pricey in Western Europe or North America. Prices vary depending on the clinic, but most patients pay several thousand euros (up to 1500€!) to undergo the procedure and grow a luxurious beard.

However, an alternative exists, such as doing a beard transplant in Turkey. In addition to having a long history of facial hair care, Turkey is the best hair and beard transplant destination globally. The price of a beard transplant in Turkey is significantly lower than in Western Europe or North America. Most clinics offer a package tailored for international patients.

A beard transplant with Hair Turkey

At Hair Turkey, we are proud to offer high-quality beard transplants and high-end service. Our package is specially tailored for international patients because we know they do not want to have more in their heads than the beard of their dreams!

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