Before and after hair transplant: the outstanding difference

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Before and after hair transplant

A hair transplant is the best way to get rid of baldness. Before and after hair transplant pictures are amazing. They show all the potential of the new DHI technique. Men who opted for DHI hair transplants look younger, more confident, and more dynamic. All those qualities are essential in today’s world, especially in the professional field. Hair transplant may be life-changing for many older men who need to stay young-looking. A lot of hair transplant patients got exciting opportunities in various domains after the procedure.

Before and after hair transplant

Even if a hair transplant offers outstanding results if performed with a proper technic, the procedure’s outcomes are not instantly visible. The hair needs first to grow back, and it takes time. Most of the time, hair transplant results are not visible before six months after the surgery. And the final results need, on average, a year to be noticeable.

Patients must be aware of those parameters before undergoing a hair transplant to ensure the procedure meets their expectations. They must keep in mind that the first weeks after a hair transplant doesn’t reflect the long-term results. After a hair transplant, the hair follicles are in their rest phase, known as the telogen phase. This phase lasts for approximately three months. Then the hair needs a couple of months to grow back and be visible.

After the first year, the results are permanent. DHI hair transplant results are life guaranteed. Grafts won’t fall because the surgeon harvested them on an area where hair is genetically coded not to be impacted by androgen, the hormone inducing baldness in men.

Before and after hair transplant: what to expect?

What result can a hair transplant patient expect in the long term? After a year, patients can see the final results of the procedure. Their hair grows back thicker and healthy-looking. They can adopt whatever hairstyle they like. DHI technic does not leave any scars, and the grafts grow back just like natural hair.

What to expect depends on the richness of your donor area. The more hair you have, the more grafts the surgeon will be able to harvest. People with large bald spots and a weak donor area won’t be able to cover it all. We advise talking with your doctor and hair counselor to ensure your expectations are realistic and avoid disappointment after the procedure.

Before and after hair transplant: pro tips!

  • Make sure you are the right fit before undergoing the procedure. Talk with your doctor about your hair transplant project. In some cases, patients are not good candidates for such a procedure. For the transplant to meet your expectations, you must have enough hair in your donor area. The best candidates for hair transplants are at least 30 years old. Before this age, baldness is not stable yet. If your baldness is still active, you risk losing your hair and need another surgery in the following years.
  • Right after your surgery, follow the doctor’s recommendations carefully to avoid damaging the grafts. Some activities, including sport, aquatic activities, sexual intercourses, may jeopardize the procedure results.
  • Take care of yourself! A healthy lifestyle is a key to healthy hair. A good diet, some physical activity, and no tobacco help replenish your hair (and your body in general). Tobacco and alcohol consumption tend to make you look older, while a balanced and healthy lifestyle keeps you young longer.

Before and after hair transplant: photo gallery

Please take a look at those before and after hair transplant pictures from our former patient. Do not do a hair transplant with Hair Turkey if you don’t want to look much younger, attractive, and dynamic!