Best hair transplant in the world: everything to know!

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A hair transplant is the best way to get one’s hair back. This method offers natural and long-lasting results. Many people willing to undergo a hair transplant surgery wonder what is the best hair transplant in the world.

Here is everything to know!

best hair transplant in the world

There are many hair transplant techniques; the most common is FUE. Most clinics offer it as their standard procedure because it is very money-making. However, it is not the best technique available, and a DHI hair transplant provides much better results.

DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation. This technique is the most modern hair transplant method: the surgeon harvests the grafts and implants them directly with a Choi pen implanter. It gives the surgeon complete control over the implantation angle of the grafts, which is the main difference with the FUE technique, and it makes a significant difference as it brings much more volume.

In addition, as there are no open wounds with the DHI method, the post-surgery period is much faster and more straightforward for patients: there is no skin necrosis, and the risk of infection is minimal.

Best hair transplant in the world: the place

If DHI is the best hair transplant technique available, all the clinics are not equal in quality, price, and service. Patients must be cautious when picking their hair transplant clinic.

Prices dramatically differ from a country to another. In Western Europe, a DHI hair transplant costs about 10,000€, while the price is easily divided by two in Turkey. In Istanbul, surgeons are very skilled and experienced: patients better travel to Turkey to undergo a high-quality hair transplant at the best price.

However, if Istanbul is the best place to get a hair transplant, all the Turkish clinics are not reputable, and there are some things to know to avoid scams!

Best hair transplant in the world: what to know

Patients need to know some essential facts about Turkish hair transplant clinics to avoid scams.

First, all Turkish clinics are not reputable. The fame of Istanbul for hair transplants has led to the opening of many unethical clinics: the hair factories. Those clinics book so many patients per day that the doctor cannot do all the transplants himself. Assistants with an unclear medical background do the surgery. Patients should avoid those clinics at all costs as they cannot guarantee any results. Some assistants may be skilled enough to perform the procedure correctly, while most are not.

The first thing to ask a clinic’s hair counselor is who is performing the surgery. A reputable clinic will reply concisely and precisely, “our doctor is doing all the surgeries themselves.” A hair factory will send a one-minute voice message to gaslight the patient.

Patients should also compare the offers and double-check what is included or not! Most clinics include surgery and accommodation, but what about sedation, post-surgery care, and transfers?

Sedation is the only way to get a pain-free surgery as the local anesthesia injections are excruciating. Most clinics do not include them in their package; patients must request it and pay several hundred euros more. Post-surgery care may also come at extra cost. Patients must make sure the package includes all transfers between the airport, hotel, and clinic. They most likely do not want to navigate themselves in a city like Istanbul.

Best hair transplant in the world: DHI with Hair Turkey!

At Hair Turkey, we are proud to offer only the best techniques, DHI and mega DHI. Our doctor, Dr. Kinyas, performs all the surgery himself. Our package includes everything for a stress-free stay: sedation and post-surgery care, of course, and transfers, five-star hotel accommodation, and high-end transportation service.

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