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body hair transplant in Turkey

As hair transplants in Turkey have become a thing, many patients wonder about a body hair transplant in Turkey. What is a body hair transplant in Turkey? Is a body hair transplant in Turkey efficient? What to know before doing a body hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure aiming to cover bald spots with hair harvested in areas where hair does not fall.

body hair transplant in Turkey

What is a body hair transplant in Turkey?

Body hair transplant (also known as BHT) uses body hair, usually from the chest, abdomen, or arms, to cover bald spots on the head. This procedure may appear helpful when the donor area on the back of the patient scalp is weak or nonexistent.

Body hair transplant in Turkey uses the FUE transplant technique. Grafts are harvested in haired body areas and transplanted into the scalp. While there is no compatibility issue as the body recognizes its hair, other problems may outweigh the procedure’s benefits.

Is a body hair transplant in Turkey efficient?

Transplanting body hair to the scalp can appear an excellent way to get rid of extended baldness. However, a core difference exists between the hair and body hairs: their genetic codes are different. Using body hair as hair can bring a funny look as the nature and the color of the hair may vary depending on where they are. Many people have straight hair but curvy body hair. The hair color may also vary from the different areas of the body.

Furthermore, the hair growth cycle differs depending on where hair is. Hair has an anagen phase (growing phase) lasting from 4 to 7 years, while body hair anagen phase is much shorter. This difference in anagen phase length is why body hair does not grow as long as hair.

This difference in genetic codes is why a body hair transplant is not the preferred method for a hair transplant.

Body hair transplant in Turkey advantages:

  • Suitable for patients with extended baldness with a weak or nonexistent donor area. However, candidates to BHT must have a good body hair density to be eligible for the procedure.

Body hair transplant in Turkey disadvantages:

  • Due to the nature of body hair, it is rarely possible to harvest grafts with more than one hair. It limits the density available for the vortex.
  • Body hair has a different angle than hair, making the process harder. Surgeons doing BHT must have solid training and vast experience to succeed.
  • Extraction takes more time for body hair than for a regular FUE hair transplant, meaning the surgeon transplant fewer grafts per session.
  • As the surgeon can harvest fewer grafts per session and the grafts are only one hair, a body hair transplant offers less coverage than a regular FUE transplantation.

What to know about a body hair transplant in Turkey?

Body hair transplant is a complex process that requires an individual evaluation and an excellently trained professional. In most cases, it is better to opt for a DHI transplant than a BHT. The results are better, and the procedure is more straightforward.

DHI hair transplant in Turkey is the safest choice to get hair back. Istanbul is the top destination to get a high-quality hair transplant at the best price. Reputable clinics like Hair Turkey work with international patients and offer an all-inclusive package with accommodation and transfer. We take care of everything, so you have a pleasant stay in Turkey for the hair transplant.

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