Who are the celebrities facing hair loss ? Best facts!

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Celebrities are just the reflection of society. They are suffering human problems just like the rest of us. If money and fame help with some issues, they are not helpful for cureless health problems such as androgenic alopecia.

Who are the celebrities facing hair loss? Here is everything you need to know about them and their solution to get rid of baldness.

celebrities facing hair loss

Androgenic alopecia is a hormonal-related condition. Androgen is a male hormone (similar to testosterone); it is helpful as it brings manly features such as facial and body hair, etc. However, androgen progressively kills hair follicles at the top of the head. There is no way to stop this annoying action of the male hormone.

Androgenic alopecia is the most common form of baldness in men: 70% of them face it at some point in their life, and being famous does not change this fate.

How to cure androgenic alopecia?

As said above, there is no cure for androgenic alopecia in men. Trying to stop androgen production would be harmful to the health and lead to an androgynous individual as the manly features fade away.

It does not mean androgenic baldness has no solution! If it is impossible to stop the loss, it is entirely possible to cover the bald spots with a hair transplant technique! Celebrities know that, and more and more famous guys give it a try. A hair transplant is a great way to look younger and more confident!

Celebrities facing hair loss

Jimmy Carr: "my hair got socially distanced from my forehead"

The British TV presenter is one of the few celebs who publicly mentioned their hair transplant experience. He was amusing and enthusiastic about his experience.

He is the best example of a hair transplant patient; he looks much younger, dynamic, and happier after his surgery.

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Antonio Conte: the hair transplant experimenter

Antonio Conte never mentioned getting a hair transplant, but his fans noticed! The former football star started losing hair at a very young age and underwent his first transplant in the late 1990s. Back then, hair transplant techniques were risky and offered poor results. 

Antonio Conte had at least three hair transplant procedures in his lifetime! Hair experts assumed the first one was a FUT in Conte’s home Italy and the two others were FUE technique in a clinic in Canada.

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Jimmy Doherty: farming, cooking, and hair transplant

Among celebrities facing hair loss, Jimmy Doherty is another one who is insecure about publicly mentioning his hair transplant experience. However, it is evident in many pictures his frontline improved with a hair transplant. 

Hair experts assume Jimmy Doherty most likely got an FUE hair transplant. 

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Lewis Hamilton: F1 of hair transplant

Unlike Jimmy Carr, Lewis Hamilton gaslighted his fans about his hair change. He told an unbelievable story about how he “used hotel soap as shampoo,” and this poor haircare would have caused his hair loss. He pretended he got his hair back with proper hair care and a healthy diet!

Do not get fooled! His hair loss pattern was characteristic of androgenic baldness, and most likely, he got a hair transplant to get his hairline back to normal.

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David Silva: what happened to his hairline?

David Silva also counts among celebrities facing hair loss. The football player did not mention it publicly, but he underwent a hair transplant to restore his frontline that had receded in the past years. Hair experts believe he most likely did an FUE hair transplant.

The result was excellent, and David Silva looked much younger and dynamic.

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