How to have a consultation for a hair transplant: pro tips!

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In the last few years, hair transplant has become quite widespread. It is the most efficient and durable solution to baldness. Many people interested in a hair transplant wonder how to have a consultation for a hair transplant.

Here is everything you need to know.

consultation for a hair transplant

The first thing for patients interested in a hair transplant is to do a hair checkup with the clinic they picked. This checkup is crucial because it determines if the patient is suitable or not for the procedure. The surgeon needs a rich donor area to harvest the grafts, and patients with less hair at the back of the head are not good candidates for the procedure.

There is no need to go to the clinic in person to do a hair checkup. The surgeon needs pictures from the patient’s head to determine his suitability.

Picture-taking: what you need to know!

In most cases, the surgeon will need the following pictures of the patient’s head:

  • The front line. It is one of the most touched areas by androgenic alopecia, so the doctor needs to know how many grafts he will need to extract.
  • Both sides of the head. The doctor is willing to have a global view of the patient’s baldness.
  • The back of the head. It is where the donor zone is, and it is the factor that determines if the patient is suitable for a hair transplant or not. 

Patients must take the pictures in good lighting and follow the angle requirements listed above. 

How to have a consultation for a hair transplant: what is next?

According to the pictures, the doctor will determine if the patient is suitable for the procedure and the number of grafts he needs. Some clinics also offer several technique options. However, the best technique, regardless of the number of grafts required, is DHI.

How to have a consultation for a hair transplant with Hair Turkey?

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First, we only perform DHI hair transplants. DHI stands for Direct Hair Transplant. This technique is the most advanced available. Compared to FUE, the most widespread hair transplant technique, DHI has the advantage of not involving a rest time of the grafts in a solution: the surgeon implants the grafts directly, so the survival rate is higher. The surgeon also has complete control of the angle implantation of the grafts, so the result looks much more natural than FUE. Moreover, there is no need for tiny incisions, so it excludes the necrosis of the cut skin and decreases the risk of infection as there are no open wounds. The DHI technique does not let any scar.

Hair transplant with Hair Turkey

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