Cost of FUE in Turkey: get the best at the best price!

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For a few years, Turkey has become the top destination for hair transplants. Most clinics in Istanbul offer FUE hair transplant as a primary procedure. FUE hair transplant is pricey in Western Europe or North America. What is the cost of FUE in Turkey? What to know about the cost of FUE in Turkey? How to pick a good clinic, and what are the red flags to avoid bad ones?

Learn more about the cost of FUE in Turkey.

cost of fue in turkey

Cost of FUE in Turkey: what is FUE?

FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction, is widespread in Turkey. Most clinics offer FUE transplantation as a standard. It gives good results on most patients without being the best technique available.

This hair transplant technique involves extracting grafts and implanting them one by one in the recipient area. The surgeon draws the frontline with one-hair grafts and uses the two or three hairs grafts to give volume to the top of the head.

Although FUE is a good technique, the best method available is DHI.

Cost of FUE in Turkey: price or quality?

An FUE hair transplant in Turkey costs 1000 € to 2000€ depending on the clinic. Contrary to popular beliefs, the most expensive clinics are not always the best, even if meager prices are a red flag. Many clinics in Turkey charge average or high prices for a very petty service.

Cost of FUE in Turkey: be aware

Carefully compare the offers instead of going for the lowest prices for your FUE hair transplant in Turkey. What is included or not in the price, who is doing the surgery, accommodation quality? Ask precise questions.

Unfortunately, many Turkish clinics are not professional and value money more than the health and wellbeing of their patients. We know them as “hair factories” in the industry because of their high number of surgeries every day. Doctors advised on marketing material do not do the surgeries themselves; they have assistants performing them. Those assistants never have a medical Ph.D. and often have unclear medical training. Better stay away from those clinics and look for a reputable and professional doctor.

The best way to stay away from hair factories is to look for reviews on independent platforms, such as Facebook groups or internet forums. Facebook is great because you can message people to ask them about their experiences in Turkey.

At Hair Turkey, we are proud to guarantee Dr. Kynias Dusumnez to do all the surgery himself. We perform only the best technique available, Direct Hair Transplant, also known as DHI. If FUE offers good results, DHI is the best because it has a higher graft survival rate and a more natural look.

Contact us if you are willing to do the best hair transplant technique in a clinic where we value quality, high-end service, and personalized customer service. You can get in touch with us via WhatsApp or our contact form.

Red flags for an FUE hair transplant in Turkey:

  • Meager prices (under 1500€), even if the highest prices do not involve excellent service, there is a minimum to pay to get a professional FUE hair transplant.
  • Aggressive marketing; clinics spending a lot of money on marketing material do not pay an equal amount to offer their patient the best service. In addition, reputable clinics hair counselors are 
  • Unclear information about the doctor’s involvement, hair counselor telling you the doctor “supervise” the surgery, then sending a one-minute voice message to justify means the doctor is not doing the surgery himself, and you are about to go to a hair factory.
  • No documentation about the clinic or the accommodation, reputable clinics have no issue sending documentation.