How to get more density with a hair transplant? Best tips

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In the last few years, hair transplant has become the ultimate solution for baldness. However, few people know a hair transplant can do more than fill bald spots. Some hair transplant techniques work wonders to give the hair more density.

Here is everything you need to know about getting more density with a hair transplant.

density with a hair transplant

What technique is suitable to get more density with a hair transplant?

First, all the hair transplant techniques are not equal. Some offer excellent results, while others are outdated, with poor results and sometimes health hazards. The most used hair transplant technique nowadays is FUE; it is the standard treatment in most clinics. However, if FUE is the most widespread hair transplant technique, it is not the best.

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction; this technique provides quite good results and is relatively cheap but is not good to give volume. This lack of volume is due to the implantation technique: the surgeon opens tiny incisions and implants the grafts inside. He has no control over the implantation angle of the grafts, so no control over the volume.

Moreover, the DHI technique offers a better survival rate of the grafts compared to FUE. In the FUE technique, the grafts sit in a solution while the surgeon opens the incisions. Some of them die and are improper to the implantation. In DHI, as the surgeon immediately implants the grafts into the scalp, this problem does not exist.

The best technique for volume (among others) is DHI. DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation, and unlike FUE, the surgeon implants the grafts directly in the scalp with a ‘CHOI pen’ tool. This direct implantation gives the surgeon complete control of the implantation angle of the grafts, so it guarantees more volume.

Some clinics offer DHI only for lack of density but pretend this technique is unsuitable for more prominent bald spots. However, things are a bit different.

What to do for coverage and volume?

Many patients have significant bald spots and also want volume. Why choosing? A mega DHI is a DHI hair transplant with more than 4,000 grafts. Although a DHI hair transplant is much better than FUE, there are no open wounds, the recovery process is much faster, and the risk of complication is minimal. There are no scars, and the results are outstanding.

Few clinics offer this service because it needs more time and qualified assistants than an FUE hair transplant. Most pretend it is impossible to do DHI on significant loss and convince their patients to get an FUE hair transplant instead. It is not valid and motivated mainly by the will to make money as an FUE hair transplant is less expensive for the clinics. At Hair Turkey, we believe all patients deserve to get the best technique available.

How to get more density with a hair transplant: DHI with Hair Turkey!

At Hair Turkey, we are proud of offering only the best techniques to our patients: DHI and mega DHI. Our doctor, the marvelous Dr. Kinyas, is a specialist in the DHI technique. DHI is our standard procedure for all patients, regardless of the number of grafts they need.

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