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DHI hair transplant

Most men have to deal with baldness at some point in their lives. This issue is often harsh for their body image and self-esteem. Drug treatments are risky in a matter of side effects. The best way to get rid of baldness is to opt for a hair transplant. DHI hair transplant is the most modern and effective technic available. That said, several hair transplant technics exist, and the results dramatically vary from one to another. Getting the best results implies picking the proper technic. 

DHI hair transplant

During the hair transplant history, the issue has always been to harvest the minor grafts as possible to avoid visible scars and unnatural results. DHI hair transplant is the most modern response to both of those issues. DHI technic leaves no visible scar and offers the most natural and undetectable results. The procedure is non-invasive and adapted to both baldness spots and low hair density spots.

DHI stands for Direct Hair Transplant, which means the surgeon harvests and directly implants the grafts in the recipient area. There is no waiting time, unlike FUE technic. This technic offers the highest survival rate for grafts.

How does the DHI hair transplant technic work?

During a DHI hair transplant session, the surgeon harvests grafts in the donor area. He implants them directly in the bald spots using a unique tool known as the “CHOI pen.” This technic leaves no scar, either in the donor area or in the recipient area.

This procedure makes a significant difference with FUE technic: as the doctor implants the grafts right away, they have a much higher survival rate.

As this technic is non-invasive, post-surgery care is effortless. There is little risk of complications.

Who is eligible for a DHI hair transplant?

DHI hair transplant works for both men and women. This technic is efficient to provide volume in case of low hair density, as often experienced by women suffering from androgenic baldness. DHI hair transplant is also an excellent technic to cover bald spots caused by androgenic baldness in males.

Overall, doctors do not recommend patients younger than 25 years old undergo a hair transplant. In most cases, baldness is not stable before this age. There is no medical risk in doing a hair transplant on a younger patient. The issue is esthetic. The patient’s hair will keep falling, and the graft will stay in place, forming a “fluffy patch” on the top of the forehead.

If you are under 25 and willing to receive a DHI hair transplant, please contact us.

DHI hair transplant is an excellent technic, but it is not a magical one. To graft hairs, the surgeon needs a rich donor area. Without at least 40 follicles per square centimeters, a DHI hair transplant is not doable.

How much does a DHI hair transplant cost?

In most clinics, the DHI hair transplant technic is more expensive than the FUE one. Most Turkish clinics bill a DHI hair transplant between 2 000 and 5 000 EUR. Those prices can be easily multiplied by 2 to 4 in Western Europe or North American clinics.

DHI requires more time or more skilled professionals to implant a large number of grafts. Few clinics offer to implant many grafts in one session with the DHI method.

At the Hair Turkey clinic, Dr. Kinyas Düsünmez works with skilled and experienced surgery assistants who help him graft many follicles during the DHI hair transplant session.

Hair Turkey is proud to offer all patients an all-inclusive package, including DHI in Turkey and everything to have a pleasant stay for your surgery at the fairest price.