DHI: everything about Direct Hair Implantation!

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Hair transplant is everywhere, from media to influencers. More and more patients give it a try. There are many hair transplant techniques. FUT, FUE, DHI, bot-assisted hair transplant… The best procedure available is Direct Hair Implantation or DHI.

How does it work? Is it efficient? How much does it cost? What to expect? Is here everything you need to know!

Direct Hair Implantation

DHI hair transplant procedure involves harvesting grafts in the back of the head. This step is common to every natural hair transplant procedure. The core concept of hair transplants is to harvest grafts in an area the hair is naturally resistant to androgen.

Androgen is a male hormone causing hair loss on the top of the head.

The particularity of DHI is to use a unique tool known as the “CHOI pen” to harvest and implant the grafts directly. Unlike FUE, there is no rest time in a solution as the surgeon immediately plants the grafts. It increases the grafts’ survival rate.

DHI hair transplant is the less invasive hair transplant technique available. It does not let any visible scar, neither in the donor zone neither in the recipient area. The patients need a day after the surgery to rest before being back to normal.

Direct Hair implantation: what to expect?

DHI is the best technique available: the results are natural, and it is impossible to tell the patient had a hair transplant.

However, as with every natural hair transplant technique, it is impossible to do it on completely bald patients. They need to have a good quality donor area to harvest the grafts.

Direct Hair Transplant: how much does it cost?

DHI hair transplants tend to be pricey. This technique requires a very experienced surgeon and takes more time and skill than FUE hair transplants.

Depending on the clinic location, standard, and surgeon fame, a DHI hair transplant cost varies from 2,000 to 30,000 €.

What to know about Direct Hair Implantation cost?

Why do DHI hair transplant costs dramatically vary? As with every service, the cost of living has an impact on a DHI hair transplant cost. DHI hair transplants are cheaper in countries where the cost of living is lower.

However, even in countries where hair transplants tend to be inexpensive, such as Turkey, DHI costs dramatically vary. All clinics do not offer the same quality of service. In some clinics, known in the hair transplant industry as ‘hair factories,’ assistants perform the surgeries, so a DHI hair transplant cost about 2,000€. Those clinics cannot guarantee any quality because assistants do not have any official training.

A DHI in a clinic where doctors perform the surgery themselves costs about 5,000€.

Other small clinics, like Hair Turkey, offer doctor-performed DHI for a fair price. However, the best way to find a good clinic is to search for other patients’ experiences and ask your hair counselor precise questions. Reputable clinics are always happy to answer and to provide documentation.

How to get a Direct Hair Implantation?

The first step to getting a Direct Hair Implantation is to pick a clinic. Turkey is the best destination for hair transplants. Doctors have a lot of experience, and the prices are significantly lower than in Western Europe or North America.

To make sure you pick a reputable clinic for your Direct Hair Implantation, look for previous patients’ experience, ask precise questions to the customer relation service: who does the surgery? What does the price include? Can you send me any documentation about your facilities? Reputable clinics are always happy to help!

At Hair Turkey, we are proud to offer only Direct Hair Implantation. Our doctor does all the surgery himself and is a specialist of DHI. We offer our patients an all-inclusive package specially tailored for international patients.

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