Early stage of female pattern baldness: best facts & pro tips

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Many women facing hair problems wonder about the early stage of female pattern baldness. What is this female pattern baldness? How does it appear? Is it possible to cure it?

It is often challenging for women to lose hair. We are used to men going bald as they grow older, but bald women are considered sick and unattractive. Women must know the early stage of female pattern baldness to react appropriately to this type of hair loss. If this condition is sometimes not curable, there are solutions for women to get their hair back!

Here is everything you need to know about the early stage of female pattern baldness!

early sign of female pattern baldness

What is female pattern baldness?

Female (or male) pattern baldness refers to androgenic alopecia. This condition does not affect men and women the same way.

Androgenic alopecia is a hormonal-induced hair loss due to androgen, a hormone group including testosterone and DHT. According to a pattern, those hormones often weaken hair in some places of the head. Men and women have different patterns when affected by androgenic alopecia.

Androgen is crucial for men’s health as it is responsible for sexual health and manly features (deep voice, manly repartition of fat in the body). Women also have androgen, but they are less active, and feminine hormones, such as estrogens, protect hair follicles against androgen’s action. It explains why women are less likely to suffer from androgenic alopecia.

Female pattern baldness causes diffuse hair loss and hair part enlargement. Women lose hair density but never get bald spots like men.

Women’s bald spots are not due to androgenic alopecia but to autoimmune diseases such as alopecia areata or alopecia Universalis and some medicines’ side effects, such as chemotherapy.

What is the early stage of female pattern baldness?

The early stage of female pattern baldness is hair thinning and loss of hair density. The androgen causes the hair follicles to produce very thin hair that is less and less visible.

The best way to monitor this problem is to take pictures of the hair and compare them regularly. The early stage of female pattern baldness may be hard to notice.

Is it possible to cure female pattern baldness?

Many women want to spot the early stage of female pattern baldness to cure it before it spreads. This condition may be rough to fix as the causes may be various.

When a woman notices the early stage of female pattern baldness, the first thing to do is to seek medical advice. A doctor will order a blood test to ensure all the hormonal levels are normal. Hormonal imbalance can cause androgenic alopecia. In most women, this condition starts after menopause, when the protection of feminine hormones decreases.

Some women suffer from androgenic alopecia because of genetics. They have many men and some women suffering from this condition in their families. In this case, it isn’t very easy to cure it. Most patients get very depressed as they cannot achieve the look they want due to hair loss. They feel less feminine, often lose their self-confidence, and are very self-conscious and anxious about how they look. However, there is a solution: the best thing to get luxuriant hair is to do a hair transplant. Hair surgery offers excellent results on women, especially using the DHI technique!

Hormonal imbalance-induced androgenic alopecia is curable with hormonal therapy. Patients should talk with their doctor to see if it is an option. Taking estrogen helps to protect the hair follicles against androgen’s action. If hormonal therapy is ineffective, patients can turn to a hair transplant to get luxuriant hair without medication.