Everything about famous hair transplants: best experiences

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Hair transplants are all the rage. Famous hair transplants launched this new hair transplant trend. Famous people always take great care of themselves and their appearance. Previously taboo, cosmetic procedures are now assimilated to self-care: an excellent way to feel younger and confident.

Here is everything you need to know about famous hair transplants.

famous hair transplant

Many men suffer from androgenic baldness, celebs and regular men alike. This condition is due to androgen, a male hormone responsible for both manly features and hair loss. This hair loss is on the top of the head; the hair at the side and back of the head is genetically resistant. As there is no way to spot the androgen action, the only available solution is to fill the bald spots with genetically resistant hair; in other words: the only solution is a hair transplant!

The role model impact

Like many beauty trends, famous people revealed hair transplant techniques to the public in the 1990s. It was the time of the FUT technique. It is now outdated and no longer performed as the results were poor and the risks high. Even it was uncertain, many actors, singers, or footballer players, such as Antonio Conte, underwent a FUT hair transplant in the 1990s or early 2000s.

Their fans discovered there was a way to end baldness and many men followed along. But FUT was pricey and, as said before, risky. The procedure involved cutting a strip of flesh from the head’s back then dissecting it to obtain the grafts. This technique let many visible scars and is hopefully no longer used.

Famous hair transplants and techniques improvement

The hair transplant trend became a thing when the techniques improved. With FUE, the results became outstanding and very natural. This hair transplant technique is non-invasive and does not let any visible scar. The results are so realistic that only fans who closely follow a star can see the changes and tell they had a transplant. Many football players or TV presenter did not mention their procedure, but their fans know!

After tabloids assume a famous person, such as David Beckham or Jimmy Carr, had a hair transplant, many men take a closer look at this technique and figure out it is the right one for them, too. The only issue for regular people with an average paycheck is the cost of famous hair transplants.

From famous hair transplants to hair transplants in Turkey

The apparition of the FUE technique and the opening of the hair transplant market in Turkey made hair transplants available for most men and women.

If famous people still do hair transplants in luxury clinics in Western Europe or North America, spending crazy amounts, such as the star football player Wayne Rooney who would have spent £30,000 on hair transplant procedures. Regular people now have the opportunity to get affordable and high-quality hair transplants. If the price dramatically differs, there is no difference in the results as doctors in Turkey are the best practitioners for hair transplants.

Feel famous with Hair Turkey

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