What footballers had a hair transplant? Best facts!

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Football players are always under the spotlight, and they are susceptible to their looks. More and more pro football players are getting hair transplants. Some even mention it publicly, showing the taboo around is procedure is breaking. 

What footballers had a hair transplant? Here is everything you need to know!

footballers had a hair transplant

This former Italian football player is a regular of hair transplant. He has his first in the late 1990s. Back then, the FUT technique was all the rage, and the results were poor and uncertain. Hair experts believe Conte had three hair procedures in his life, the first one in his home Italy with the FUT technique, and the other two in a Canadian clinic using the FUE hair transplant technique.

However, Conte never mentioned his hair procedures publicly.

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David Silva

The Spanish football player is also among the list of footballers who had a hair transplant. His hairline was receding, and hair experts assume he had an FUE hair transplant to fix it.

Like Conte, Silva never mentioned his hair transplant experience, but the pictures speak for him!

What footballers had a hair transplant? Wayne Rooney

The English football player not only had a hair transplant, but he took the step to mention it publicly! He confirmed he had a hair transplant on Twitter: “Just to confirm to all my followers, I have had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25. Why not. I’m delighted with the result.”

Rooney is right; his hair transplant made him look younger and more dynamic. There is nothing wrong with self-care, and a hair transplant is an excellent way for a man to look better and be more confident.

A couple of years after his first transplant, Rooney had a second one because his baldness was still active, and he kept losing his hair. It is usual with patients who had their first transplant under the age of 30. Most of them need another procedure as their baldness keeps progressing.

Hair experts believe Rooney spent about £30,000 on his hair restoration procedure. He most likely went to a fancy British clinic.

Wesley Sneijder

Sneijder is another football player who had gotten a hair transplant and is very quiet about it. His fans did not get fooled when he came back on the field was a thicker and more defined hairline!

What footballers had a hair transplant? Andros Townsend

He had never confirmed it, but many of his fans believe he had a hair transplant as his hairline magically changed between two of his game in 2015.

Jurgen Klopp

The German football player of Liverpool confirmed he had a hair transplant in a German clinic in 2012. He said: “Yes, it’s true. I underwent a hair transplant, and I think the results are cool, don’t you?”. He sounds delighted with the results of his procedure, and it is the most important.

What footballers had a hair transplant? Xherdan Shaqiri

The Swiss footballer player would also have undergone a hair transplant while away from fields due to a calf injury. He never mentioned it, but his fans are observative and noticed a change in his hairline.

A rumor says after this surgery, Shaqiri cannot hit the ball with his head anymore.

Leigh Griffith

Unlike many others, he publicly mentioned his transplant on Snapchat. He said about this surgery, “the biggest benefit is walking about the streets feeling confident about yourself.”

He cannot be more right; the most important in a hair transplant is the patient feeling good and confident with the result!

Ashley Barnes

He had his transplant in 2017, and like many footballer players from the younger generation, he had no problem addressing the subject with his fans on social media. He said his teammates pointed he had a tiny “island of hair” and: “You see a little island, and you think, ‘Woah, I didn’t think I was that bad. I thought something needs to be done.”

What footballers had a hair transplant? David Beckham

His fan believes he had a hair transplant, but he never confirmed or infirmed it. He declared: “[It] was a matter of privacy whether it’s false or true.”

Why do some players mention it publicly while others are quiet?

Many people are very harsh about cosmetic procedures, and football players may be afraid of critics about their choice of undergoing a hair transplant. Keep in mind patients do a hair transplant to get rid of a complex, and they may not want everyone to know they were losing their hair.

Among younger players, cosmetic procedures are less taboo and more regarded as self-care, so they feel more confident about discussing it with their fans on social media.

Why are so many football players having a hair transplant?

Most men face androgenic alopecia at some point in their lives. Androgenic alopecia is a condition due to androgen, a male hormone responsible for manly features and hair loss. 70% of men suffer from androgenic alopecia globally, and being a pro football player is not a game-changer.

There is no way to undo the action of androgen on hair; the only way to get one’s hair back is to do a hair transplant. The surgeon harvests the grafts at the back of the head and implants them into the bald spots. As the hair at the back of the head is resistant to androgen, the results are long-lasting.

Do you need to be a rich and famous football player to undergo a hair transplant?

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