Grafts calculator for hair transplant

A 3 step way to determine how many grafts you need:

ראשית, לחצו על האזור שבו תרצו את צמיחת השיער:

  • 1) Click on the area to transplant.
  • 2) Slide to the desired density.
  • 3) Click on "calculate" to see the result.

Your needs may vary depending on your head size and the nature of your hair.

Full baldness Thin filling of the area Filling at maximum density
Which is made possible by hair transplantation


Turkish hair transplant possibilities

FUE Saphire


Hair implant for woman

Beard implant

Turkish hair transplant possibilities

How does hair transplant work?

The concept of hair transplant deals with a simple observation: some hair falls while others don’t. Why? Simply because of differences in hair’s genetic codes: some hair is sensitive to androgen while others do not. In men, this sensitiveness to androgen depends on hair localization. Androgen affects hair on the top of the head, not the crown (side of the head). This delimitation is less clear on women; androgenic baldness on females causes less density in the whole hair, not a bald area like in males.

Doctors extract grafts from the area, androgen does not impact and implant them on the bald spots. The results are durable because the grafts’ genetic code does not make them sensitive to androgen. It exists several hair transplant technics. Some are outdated, such as FUT. Nowadays, hair transplant clinics use FUE and DHI technics. The main difference between DHI and FUE is graft implantation. While FUE involves tiny incisions to implant the grafts, DHI uses a unique tool to implant the grafts directly into the skin.

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