Hair plugs cost: best tips!

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Many people wonder about hair plugs cost. Furthermore, this method raises many interrogations: what are hair plugs? As there are several methods, what is the best hair plugs technique available? What is hair plugs cost for the different options?

All those questions are prevalent among our patients. Here are the answers to learn more about the hair plugs cost.

hair plugs cost

What are hair plugs?

Hair plugs are another wording for hair transplants. The concept of hair transplant is to harvest grafts in an area where the hair is resistant to androgen.

Androgen is a hormone causing hair loss in both men and women. In males, this alopecia is the most common type of baldness; 70% of men experience it in their lifetime. Androgenic baldness in men causes hair loss at the top of the head. In females, it is less common, often occurs with a hormonal imbalance, and leads to low hair density.

During a hair plugs surgery, the surgeon harvest grafts in the back of the head because the hair is resistant to androgen. He implants them on the bald spots or low-density areas.

What is the best hair plugs technique available?

There are several hair plugs -or hair transplant- techniques available. Some, such as FUT, are outdated and no longer performed because of the poor results they offer.

The most widespread hair transplant technique is FUE. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. This method implies extracting grafts from the donor area one by one with a tool known as “punch.” It is a circular scalpel looking like a sharp circular tube the surgeon uses to cut out the grafts. The grafts can be one-hair ones, perfect for drawing the front like, or two-hair or three-hair ones, excellent to give volume at the top of the head. The surgeon implants the grafts in tiny incisions he precedently opened.

However, FUE is not the best hair plugs technique available. It has a significant flaw: the grafts sit in a solution while the surgeon harvests all the grafts. The best hair transplant technique is DHI. The procedure is pretty similar to FUE; with the difference, there is no sitting time, the surgeon implants the grafts right away with a tool known as CHOI pen. There is no need for incisions for this technique, so it is even less invasive than FUE.

What about hair plugs cost?

Hair plugs cost varies depending on the technique, the clinic location and standards, and the number of grafts needed.

In Western Europe or North America, FUE hair transplant costs from 5,000€ to 30,000€ depending on the surgeon and the number of grafts needed. For DHI, it is even more expensive.

As the prices in those places are so high, many patients turn to regions where the living cost is lower to get lower prices. Turkey has quickly become the best destination for hair transplants. There, an FUE hair transplant is 1,300€ to 2,500€, while a DHI hair transplant costs up to 5,000€ for many grafts.

Patients must look at the service more than the price, as it dramatically differs from one clinic to another. Many doctors in Turkey do not perform the surgeries themselves; they let assistants do it to maximize profits. This practice is unethical and dangerous. Make sure to deal with a reputable clinic before signing anything. Ethical clinics are honest with the service they offer.

At Hair Turkey, we value our patient’s wellbeing and happiness more than money. We offer an all-inclusive package specially tailored for international patients. All our transplants are high-quality DHI, and the doctor performs all the surgery himself.

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