Hair transplant after 2 months: what to know!

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Many men know the only long-lasting solution to get rid of baldness is to get a hair transplant, but the post-surgery period may be intimating, and it is better to know what to expect.

Here is everything you need to expect from a hair transplant after 2 months.

hair transplant after 2 moths

Hair transplant after 2 months: the results

A couple of months after the surgery, the results are not visible yet. If a hair transplant is long-lasting, it is not instant. On average, the final results are not visible before six months to one year after the procedure.

It may sound long, but it is due to the nature of hair transplantation. Doctors transplant natural hair, so this hair follows the hair life cycle. This cycle counts three phases and is why the hair transplant results need at least six months to be visible.

Two months after the hair transplant, the hair growth is not visible yet. About a month after the procedure, the grafted hair fell as it entered the telogen phase. The new hair needs several months to grow back and be visible.

In the second month after the transplant, the recipient area gets better, the skin has healed, and the grafts settled in the scalp.

Hair transplant after 2 months: aftercare and contraindications

After a couple of months, the aftercare is not as crucial as during the first day after the procedure. The patient is free to shower and bathe as he wants. However, he must stay away from the pool and the beach for an extra month as doctors recommend not to do any aquatic activities for at least three months after a hair transplant. The water’s salt or chlorine tends to dry out the scalp, while the grafts need proper hydration to grow back.

However, the patient may practice all the nonaquatic sports as the grafts settle in the scalp. He can also resume contact sports such as basketball or martial arts. There is no more risk for the grafts to be pulled out by activities.

To help the grafted hair grow back faster and healthier, the patient may use natural moisturizers, such as aloe vera to keep the area healthy. He must be extra careful with the shampoo he uses. Avoiding harsh chemicals which dry out the scalp and preferring natural ingredients is the way to go.

A good diet is also a key factor for healthy hair. Hair needs plenty of B family vitamins to grow luxuriant. Junk foods and sweets may slow hair growth as salt and sugar clog arteries that deliver nutrients to the hair follicles.

To get the best results, doctors advise patients to quit smoking and to do physical activity. Overall, a healthy lifestyle is excellent for hair too. It is a perfect way to get the best results from a hair transplant.

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