What to expect from a hair transplant after 3 months?

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What to expect from a hair transplant after 3 months is a common question among patients.

A hair transplant is the best way to get rid of baldness. After this procedure, patients are excited to see the results, and it is normal! However, hair transplant results are not instant, and the final results are not visible until six months after the procedure. Before, the look of the grafts may worry the patient.

What to expect from a hair transplant after 3 months? Here is everything to know!

hair transplant after 3 months

After a 3-months wait, the patient is delighted to notice tiny hair growing on the grafted area. It shows the surgery is successful and the graft set well into the scalp. The hair follicles entered an anagen phase.

This new hair is thin at first and will quickly get thicker. Some patients notice comedones looking like acne pimples on the grafted area. There is nothing to worry about: they will disappear by themselves and are a sign of hair growth.

What to expect from a hair transplant after 3 months? Be patient!

If the first three months after the transplant were frustrating, with the fell of the grafted hair, which is a normal part of the after hair transplant process, the following months are more satisfying for the patient. The tiny hair growing back will quickly get thicker until it melts into the rest of the hair.

Keep in mind the final results of a hair transplant are visible from 6 to 12 months after the transplant.

What to expect from a hair transplant after 3 months? What to do or not!

After a hair transplant surgery, there are numerous activities patients should avoid to prevent any damage to the grafts. After a few days or weeks, the patient can resume those activities without any risk of damaging the grafts.

Three months after a hair transplant, the patient may do any sport he wants, including contact and violent ones such as basketball or martial arts. In addition, he can go back to aquatic activities in either a pool or the ocean.

To get the best from the transplant, patients must maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hair follicles do not grow hair without proper nutrition, and they need nutrients to be strong and healthy. The B family vitamins help the hair to grow faster and more robust.

In addition to needing nutrients, the hair follicles need those nutrients from the bloodstream, so healthy veins and arteries play a crucial role in hair growth. All the foods and habits damaging the blood system are to avoid. Salty and greasy foods, smocking are harmful to hair growth because they weaken blood circulation. A healthy diet and proper physical activity are great for the whole body’s health, including hair growth.

Why are hair transplant results so long to be visible?

Natural hair transplant techniques take a long time to show their results because of the hair life cycle. This three-step cycle defines when and how much the hair grows.

The first stage is the anagen phase. It is the growth step of the process. This phase lasts 2 to 7 years, and during it, the hair grows approximately 1 cm per month.

Then, the catagen phase is when the follicles get ready for their rest phase: they retract under the skin, and the hair stops growing. This step of the hair cycle lasts approximately three weeks.

Finally, the telogen phase is the rest of the follicles and when the hair falls. This phase lasts about three months. At the end of this step, the hair falls, and the cycle starts over.