Hair transplant after 6 months

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A hair transplant is the best solution available to get rid of baldness. Hair transplantation is a non-invasive procedure to retrieve luxuriant hair. What to expect from a hair transplant after 6 months?

Hair transplant after 6 months

Hair transplant after 6 months: the first results

Hair transplant results are a relatively long process. The results are not visible right after the surgery, the scalp needs to heal and the grafts to set in. As the grafted hair follow the natural hair growth cycle, they enter a rest phase, known as the telogen phase, a month after the surgery. It leads to the fall of the grafted hair. They grow back two to three months later.

Six months after the hair transplant, the first results are visible. The grafted hair has grown back enough to be visible, and they are melting into the rest of the hair. The final results will not be visible until at least one year after the transplantation. So, if the results are not perfect after six months, it is normal, and they will not be permanent. Usually, hair continues to thicken from six months to nine months after the transplant.

At this point, the hair grows from one to two centimeters per month.

Get the best results from your hair transplant: pro tips!

  • Carefully follow the doctor’s guidelines after the surgery. Some activities may damage the grafts in the first days or months after the surgery. Abstain from sport, sex, activities involving sweating, and aquatic activities after the hair transplant. Ask your doctor if you are unsure.
  • Have a healthy lifestyle! Good eating and sleeping habits and restraining from smoking is good for the whole body, including the hair! Maintain a healthy lifestyle to get the best results from your hair transplant.

How to get a hair transplant in Turkey?

If you are willing to do a hair transplant, please contact us via WhatsApp or our form. We will need pictures of your head to establish your hair checkup. This checkup will let us know how many grafts you need. Then, you will be able to pick your date for the surgery in Istanbul.