Hair transplant cost in the UK: all what you need to know!

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Hair transplant is a technique aiming to cover bald stop by grafting hair from a donor area to a recipient one. This procedure is the best way to get rid of baldness and retrieve luxuriant hair. Many British patients are wondering about a hair transplant cost in the UK.

How much is a hair transplant in Great Britain in 2021? Is the price a guarantee of quality? Is it possible to pay less for a high-quality hair transplant? What are the things to be careful about before picking a hair transplant clinic?

hair transplant cost in the UK

A hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery procedure; most health insurances will not cover it. Although, there is an exception for patients who need a hair transplant to cover scars resulting from burns or accidents. In most cases, the patient will have to fund the surgery himself.

And he better have his wallet ready because the hair transplant cost in the UK is astronomical: from £1,000 to £30,000! The price depends on the technique and the number of grafts needed. High-quality procedures and many grafts increase the invoice to crazy amounts. A patient willing to do a DHI hair transplant will pay from £8,000 to £30,000 depending on the clinic’s standing he picks.

Why is a hair transplant cost in the UK so high?

In regions where everything is high-priced: salaries, rent, supplies, taxes, services are also high-priced. Like Western Europe or North America, the UK is the most developed and the most expensive country globally. Hair transplant costs reflect the living expense in those countries.

That said, it is evident that a hair transplant cost does not determine its quality. An £8,000 DHI hair transplant in the UK does not guarantee outstanding results. The price is not the main criterion to quality. The most crucial factor is the surgeon’s experience in hair transplant. In this domain, only experience leads to excellence. UK surgeons are not the best in the world when it comes to hair transplants. Indeed, the prohibitive price makes this technique unavailable for most patients in England, so doctors do not perform as many surgeries as doctors in countries where hair transplants are more accessible.

Are they other options?

Many patients are willing to do a hair transplant, but the high cost in their country is prohibitive. Instead of giving up their dream, the can turn to other countries where living cost is lower and where hair transplant is the specialty of many surgeons.

Turkey and Istanbul are the top destinations for affordable hair transplants. Istanbul counts many hair transplant clinics, in addition to being a beautiful city. A hair transplant in Istanbul costs from 1,500 EUR to 4,000 EUR depending on the technique and the clinic’s standing.

While all Turkish clinics are not reputable, Istanbul is the best destination in a price-quality ratio. If the patient picks his clinic carefully, he can have an outstanding result for the quarter of the price in the UK.

What to check before you pick your clinic in Istanbul?

  • Professionalism: in reputable clinics, doctors perform the whole transplant themselves. In too many clinics, assistants perform the surgeries without doctors.
  • Offer: many clinics have all-inclusive packages for international patients; compare the different offers rather than just the prices. Make sure the package includes all transfers!
  • Review: search for genuine reviews online. Facebook groups and internet forums are great to ask former customers about their experience!
  • Ask questions! Do not hesitate to ask questions to hair counselors about the procedure or the offer. Reputable clinics will not have problems sending you documentation.