How much does a hair transplant cost? what you need to know!

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Hair transplants are everywhere! Many stars now openly talk about how their hair transplant changed their lives and how they love to get their hair back. However, a big difference between celebrities and regular people is the balance of their bank account! If hair transplants are great, the ones the famous people get are also highly pricey.

How much does a hair transplant cost? Why does the hair transplant cost dramatically vary? For many people, high price means high quality; does it apply to hair transplant cost? Here is everything you need to know!

hair transplant cost

Hair transplant cost depends on many things.

 First, it depends on the location of the clinic. Like every other service, the cost of living impacts the hair transplant cost. The more expensive rent, salaries, and taxes are, the more expensive the service will be. Clinics located in regions the cost of living is low can offer lower prices. 

Then, it depends on the doctor. Usually, the more experience he has, the more he charges. However, many doctors use their name as a brand and bill more because they associate themselves with the service, so it does not always mean a higher price with a ‘famous’ doctor will be a synonym of high quality.

Finally, the hair transplant cost also depends on the surgeon’s technique or what the patient wants. There are three main hair transplant techniques:

  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): cheap but outdated and not efficient. It is an invasive procedure leaving many scars at the back of the head. Most clinics gave it up because of the poor results.
  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): the most used hair transplant technique. It is non-invasive and gives good results. In most clinics, FUE is the standard procedure.
  • DHI (Direct Hair Transplant): the best technique available. Most clinics charge a lot of money for this premium technique. It requires a very experienced surgeon to get the best results.

So, the hair transplant cost depends on the clinic’s location and the doctor performing the surgery. In Western Europe or North America, the living cost is high, so the hair transplant cost is high. In other regions, such as Turkey, the cost of living is lower, so the price of a hair transplant is also lower.

You get what you pay for: true or false for hair transplants?

Many people believe paying more automatically involves getting a premium service. Does it apply to hair transplants?

The clinic location

Many patients from “expensive countries” believe they will get a better result doing the surgery at home. They think the surgeon will be more skilled, and the hygiene standard will be higher. However, the best hair transplant surgeons are in Turkey, where those procedures are much cheaper than in Western Europe or North America.

Turkey is the best destination for hair transplants, but all the Turkish clinics are not reputable neither ethical. The success of hair transplant surgeries in Turkey has brought many shady doctors to open clinics where profit is the only word that matters. They are the “hair factories.”

The hair factories

Hair factories are Turkish clinics where the most important thing is not the patients but the profit. At first sight, they seem legit and reputable, but if you take a closer look, you quickly understand that those clinics are unethical and unprofessional. They constantly advertise a smiling doctor on their marketing material; however, this guy does not perform the surgeries himself. It would be humanely impossible as they book more operations every day to maximize the profit. The ones who perform the surgeries are assistants with often a dark medical training background and never a Ph.D. In some cases, the assistants have enough experience to perform the surgery correctly. In most cases, they do not.

You most likely do not want to play Russian roulette with your health and appearance. Those clinics are not cheap; they are often more expensive than average, precisely because, for many patients, low prices are a red flag.

Hair transplant package: compare the offer!

Many Turkish clinics offer a package for international patients; however, all the offers do not have the same standard of services. Patients must be careful about those points:

  • Hotels: all packages include hotel nights. Please take a closer look at how many nights, what meals, and the hotel standard it has.
  • Transfer: make sure the package includes all the transfers between the airport, the hotel, and the clinic; you most likely do not want to navigate yourself in a city like Istanbul!
  • Medical acts: be extra careful about what medical procedures the package includes. The surgery is always part of it, but you have to pay more for sedation? Sedation is the only way to have a pain-free surgery, as the local anesthesia injection are painful. Many clinics charge more for sedation, and patients must request it as it is not a part of their surgery procedure.

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