Where to get a hair transplant in Europe? Best facts!

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A hair transplant is the best way to get rid of baldness. However, this technique requires both skill and experience. Many patients wonder where to get a hair transplant in Europe to get the best results. Prices are crucial criteria for many patients as hair transplant procedures may be very pricey.

Here is all to know to get the best from a hair transplant in Europe.

hair transplant in Europe

Hair transplant in Europe: picking the best technique!

There are many hair transplant techniques, and the results dramatically differ from one method to another. Some are outdated and even harmful for health, while others offer beautiful results and are non-invasive. Patients should learn about them before contacting the clinics.

Nowadays, the most used hair transplant technique is FUE. This technique is relatively non-invasive; the surgeon harvests the grafts one by one from the donor area. The grafts sit in a solution while the doctor opens tiny incisions in the recipient area to implant the grafts. This technique’s flaws are the two last steps. The rest time in a solution leads to some loss of the grafts, and the incision implantation technique gives no control over the implantation angle of the grafts. In addition, incisions cause the necrosis of the skin, which lengthen the recovery process.

Most clinics offer FUE as their standard procedure. To get the best technique, DHI, patients have to pay several thousand euros more.

DHI is like FUE on steroids: there is no rest time in a solution, so the loss of grafts is minimal. The surgeon harvests the grafts one by one and directly implants them into the recipient area with a “CHOI pen.” This difference in the implantation method offers much more control over the implantation angle of the grafts so that the surgeon can give the hair more volume. No incision means no skin necrosis, so the recovery process is faster, and the risk of infection is lower than FUE.

Patients should look for a reputable clinic offering a DHI hair transplant. An experienced and skilled doctor must perform the surgery.

So, where to get a DHI hair transplant in Europe?

Get a DHI hair transplant in Europe at the best price!

As said above, many clinics charge more for DHI than FUE. This technique requires a skilled professional and is longer than FUE.

In Western Europe, such as France or the UK, surgeons charge about 10,000€ for a DHI hair transplant. This price is unaffordable for many patients. The solution is to travel to another European country where the cost of living is lower the clinics can offer more affordable prices. The best country for cheap hair transplants is Turkey, as Turkish doctors are the best in the world for this procedure.

However, all Turkish clinics are not reputable and do not offer high-quality DHI hair transplants like Hair Turkey. Many of them gaslight their patients into getting an FUE hair transplant because the procedure is less expensive to the clinic and makes more money. Patients must be extra careful while checking who is doing the surgery. Patients must avoid clinics where it is not a doctor but an assistant who performs the hair transplants, as they cannot guarantee the procedure results.

At Hair Turkey, our doctor is a specialist in the DHI hair transplant technique. Dr. Kinyas performs all the surgery himself in our clinic in Istanbul. We work hard every day to make DHI available to most patients because we believe every patient deserves the best!

In addition to offering high-quality DHI hair transplants, we also provide VIP service and an all-inclusive package designed for international patients.

To get a hair transplant with Hair Turkey, please contact us via WhatsApp or our contact form!