Hair transplant turkey cheap

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Hair transplants in Turkey are everywhere: from mainstream media to social media influencers. Everyone is now aware this technique is the best to get rid of baldness. Many patients wonder: is hair transplant in Turkey cheap?

While in Western Europe or North America, better to be a professional football player or a rockstar to do a hair transplant; in Turkey, those procedures are more affordable. Why is a hair transplant in Turkey cheap? What determines the price of a hair transplant? Does the price an important factor in terms of quality?

Here is everything to know about the price of a hair transplant in Turkey.

hair transplant in Turkey cheap

Why is a hair transplant in Turkey cheap?

In Turkey, hair transplant is much cheaper than in Western Europe or North America. Many patients wonder why the same procedure costs 10 000€ in Paris, London, or New York and 2000€ in Istanbul.

A hair transplant price, just like everything else price depends on the cost of living. In the case of a hair transplant, doctors set the prices according to their financial expectations and the cost of rent, salaries, taxes. The higher those variables are, the more expensive the service will be.

The cost of living is much lower in Turkey than in Western Europe or North America.

Another factor for low prices in Turkey is concurrence. In Istanbul, there are many hair transplant clinics. More offers tend to lower costs.

Why is a hair transplant in Turkey cheap? Quality and price

Many patients believe prices are a good indicator of the quality of a hair transplant service. Is it true? Is the most expensive hair clinic the best?

While meager prices are a red flag, high prices do not automatically involve high-end services. Large clinics, often called “hair factories” because they overbook surgeries to get the most money, charge a relatively high price for low-quality service.

An honest price for a DHI transplant technique in Turkey is around 2000€, with everything included (surgery, accommodation, transfer).

Why is a hair transplant in Turkey cheap? Beware of traps!

Istanbul has an excellent reputation for hair transplants, but this success led to many unreputable and unethical clinics, known as hair factories. Those clinics value money more than they offer a professional service.

Hair factories invest more in marketing than in offering their patient a high-quality service. They often have a price range slightly higher than most clinics because many patients believe high prices guarantee quality.

In those clinics, patients never see the doctor advertised on marketing material. Assistants without clear medical training perform the transplants. Some clinics even charge more patients who want the doctor to do some procedure steps, such as the incisions.

Those hair factories are to avoid at all costs. Due to how they oper, they cannot guarantee the results of the transplants, even if their package includes a so-called “10 years warranty.”

A reputable clinic like Hair Turkey knows a ten-year warranty for a hair transplant is delusional. It is impossible to be sure how baldness will evolve in the future.

Moreover, be suspicious about aggressive advertising without precise information. A reputable clinic is responsive, willing to help, but not insistent. They will tell you if it is the right moment for you to get a transplant or if it is better to wait for your baldness to be more stable. A good clinic has no problem giving clear answers or consistent materials on their facilities, accommodation locations, and doctor’s experience.

For example, a hair counselor sending a one-minute voice message to answer a simple question like “is the doctor performing the surgery himself” is a red flag.

Make sure the clinic is reputable before booking anything.