4 tips to get the best of hair transplantation in Istanbul!

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Hair transplantation is the best technic to get rid of baldness. It is a durable, natural-looking, and healthy alternative to uncertain drug treatments. Hair transplantation in Western Europe or North America is pricey. Depending on technics, the price may vary from 5000€ to 15 000€. A lot of patients cannot afford such a high price to get their hair back.
For a few years, hair transplantation in Istanbul has gained an excellent reputation. The prices offered there are much lower than in Europe or North America, and the results are outstanding. Turkish doctors are skilled and experienced professionals providing excellent service to international patients.

hair transplantation in Istanbul

Why is hair transplantation in Istanbul cheaper than in New York or London?

Hair transplantation prices depend on many factors. It is easy to believe a more expensive hair transplant will look better than a cheaper one. It is not always true. Life cost, taxes, and offer and demand also affect the price. In an area where very few surgeons offer hair transplants, the prices tend to be higher.

The main reason why hair transplantation is cheaper in Istanbul than in New York is life cost is significantly lower in Turkey than in the United States. The tax policy is also different.

In Istanbul, there are several dozens of hair transplantation clinics. Concurrence tends to make prices lower.

What technics can I do for hair transplantation in Istanbul?

Most Istanbul clinics offer FUE technics as a standard procedure for hair transplantation. DHI hair transplantation is also available in most Istanbul clinics at a higher price.

Some clinics also offer bot-assisted surgery, bear and eyebrow transplantation.

How to plan hair transplantation in Istanbul?

For a European or American patient, Istanbul may seem an exotic destination. It can be a bit intimidating to plan a hair transplant in a foreign country.

Hair transplant clinics in Istanbul work almost exclusively with foreign patients, so they know how to accommodate foreign guests. Customer support is available in English, Spanish, or French (among others). Clinics offer all-inclusive packages, including surgery, post-surgery care, accommodation in international grade hotels, and transfers between the airport, hotel, and clinic. Guest can sit back and relax until they are back on the plane to go home.

How to choose your clinic or hair transplantation in Instanbul?

Istanbul has become the top destination for hair transplantation in the world. The media has told about hair transplantation in Istanbul. Influencers broadcasted videos about their experience. All the spotlights have been on the city for its hair transplantation potential.

There are some fantastic clinics in Istanbul, but this success has also brought unprofessional and unethical practices. The key to a successful hair transplant in Istanbul is to pick your clinic carefully.

Not all clinics and all doctors in Istanbul are skilled or professional. The international demand for hair transplantation in Istanbul led to a phenomenon known as “hair factories.” Hair factories are clinics where the surgeon advertised on the marketing material is not performing the surgeries. Those clinics take in too many patients to make it humanly possible for the doctor to do them themselves. The assistants perform the surgeries themselves, without direct supervision. Those practices are unprofessional and unethical: assistants do not have a Ph.D., and it is often unclear if they have a medical diploma at all. 

Some clinics even charge more for the doctor himself to take part in the surgery. He often does only one quick step like the incision required by the FUE procedure and charges about 500€ to do so.

Patients should be extra careful about this topic. Asking precise questions to customer support, looking around on Facebook groups or internet forums for other patients’ experiences are good ways to stay away from hair factories.

Reputable clinics won’t have any problem giving you quick and concise answers to question like “is the doctor performing the surgery?” or “who is performing the surgery?” Patients should be alarmed by words like “supervised.” Hair factories often use this word to make patients believe the doctor will be in the room during the surgery while he won’t.

Another point to pick your clinic for hair transplantation in Istanbul is what is included or not in the price. Going the lowest price is not the best thing to do, as you risk ending with a poor stuffed package.

  • Be extra careful about the transfer between the clinic, the hotel, and the airport. You most likely don’t want to navigate yourself in a city like Istanbul. 
  • Make sure your clinic’s package includes sedation. Most clinics charge several hundred euros to have pain-free anesthesia. The anesthetic injections are painful if done without proper sedation. 
  • Double-check the hotel standing before signing anything. Reputable clinics accommodate their patients in five stars hotels and will be glad to hand you precise documentation about your hotel (ex: name and address). Do not forget to ask about the meal plan too.