How much is a hair transplant: best to know!

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A hair transplant is the best way to get rid of baldness. However, hair transplant procedures may be pricey. How much is a hair transplant? Are they scam to avoid? What to know to get the best price? What does affect the procedure price?

Here is everything to know

how much is a hair transplant

Hair transplant cost dramatically varies: from 1 200€ to 30 000€, depending on many factors.

As with every service, the price of a hair transplant depends on the cost of living. Hair transplant prices in countries where the cost of living is high are higher than in other regions. For example, a hair transplant in western Europe is twice as expensive as a transplant in Turkey. It is interesting for patients willing to pay more competitive prices to travel to other countries to undergo a hair transplant. The best destination for high-quality fair-priced hair transplants is Istanbul.

In addition, hair transplant prices highly vary from one technique to another. FUE, the most widespread hair transplant technique, tends to be cheaper than DHI.

How much is a hair transplant: what to know to get the best price?

If the cost of a hair transplant is essential for many patients, it cannot be the only criteria for choosing a hair transplant method or clinic. The results and the clinic’s reputability must be the main factors in the patient’s decision.

To get the best service at the best price, patients should compare offers and preferably go for a DHI. DHI offers a very different experience than FUE. The results are more natural, and the post-surgery period is more straightforward as there are no open wounds.

Patients must make sure the offer includes sedation and post-surgery care. Lower prices often come with hidden fees that may bring the final bills to crazy amounts. Sedation is the only way to have a pain-free surgery. However, many clinics charge several hundred euros more for it. It is almost the same for post-surgery care.

How to avoid scams?

As said above, Istanbul is the best destination for hair transplants. However, it does not mean all Istanbul clinics are excellent and reputable. The international enthusiasm for hair transplant in Turkey led to the opening of many no reputable clinics. Those clinics care more about money than their patients.

Patients should avoid those clinics at all costs as they cannot guarantee any results from their procedure. In those clinics, doctors do not perform the surgeries themselves: they delegate it to assistants with an unclear medical background; some may have enough skill and experience to perform the surgery correctly, while many do not. Patients should not play Russian roulette with their health and look.

To get the best at the best price, patients should compare offers. A reputable clinic includes sedation and post-surgery care in its package. A good clinic is also responsive and has no problem providing documentation about their facility or accommodation.

How much is a hair transplant: best price with Hair Turkey!

At Hair Turkey, we believe all patients deserve the best: best technique and best service. Our doctor is a DHI specialist and performs all the surgery himself. We only offer DHI and mega DHI, and our procedure always involves sedation and post-surgery care at no extra cost. We work hard every day to provide our patients with the best service: we have a package specially tailored for international patients because we know that traveling to another country to get surgery may be stressful. Our package gathers everything patients need for a stress-free transplant: five-star hotel accommodation, high-end transportation service, and an English-speaking host at all times!

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