Jimmy Carr: everything about his transplant

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Jimmy Carr’s beard has been under the spotlight recently after he got a transplant. How did his look change? What technique did he use? How to get a hair transplant like Jimmy Carr? Let’s learn more about it.

Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr, 49, is a British standup comedian. He is also a TV-show presenter in the UK. He is one of the favorite personalities of the British people.

Like many men, Jimmy Carr suffered from androgenic alopecia, the first cause of baldness among men. 70% of males suffer from this form of alopecia in their lifetime. Androgen is a male hormone causing hair loss at the top of the head, while those at the side of the head are genetically resistant to this hormone.

Why do we talk about him?

First, Jimmy Carr is quite famous in the UK; he appears in many TV shows, such as Big Fat Quiz of Everthing. The British public is familiar with him, and they would notice the tiniest change in his appearance very quickly.

On Twitter, one user wrote about Carr: “Is Jimmy Carr getting younger or is it just me? Does he not age? How does he look so fresh-faced after the year-that-shall-not-be-named?”.

Jimmy Carr’s hair transplant could not go unnoticed.

While many celebrities, such as actors or football players, do not mention their transplant, Carr publicly admitted he had a hair transplant, arguing it was a part of being in the ‘showbusiness.’

As a joke, Jimmy Carr said his hair got ‘socially distanced from his forehead,’ and he looked like a ‘snooker-playing vampire.’ He had his transplant.

He looked pretty different with his lightly colored buzzcut, while he was used to raven-colored quiff.

Celebs like Carr openly talking about their hair transplant experience shows this procedure is no longer taboo, and cosmetic surgery is an acceptable way to stay young and attractive for both men and women.

Jimmy Carr's transplant

On TV, Jimmy Carr explained to Maya Jama that he shaved his head to let the surgeon harvest the grafts at the back of his head. He then implanted them in the front. He said he had enough hair, but it needed a bit of redistribution.

To Carr, his look is critical; he wanted an Elvis quiff. ‘Go big or go home,’ he told his fellow presenter. ‘It’s showbusiness, baby. Let’s enjoy ourselves,’ he added.

Jimmy Carr most likely got an FUE hair transplant. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction; this technique involves harvesting grafts on the back of the head, letting them sit in a solution while the surgeon is opening tiny incisions to implant them on the top.

Anyone could notice Jimmy Carr’s hair transplant was a success technically and according to the patient’s expectations. He looked delighted and was very enthusiastic when he was sharing his experience.

Did Jimmy Carr get the best hair transplant technique?

While this technique is good, FUE is not the best technique available. DHI has better results because the grafts are implanted right away without sitting in a solution. This difference significantly improves grafts’ survival rate.

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