Jimmy Carr’s hair secrets: best facts!

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Jimmy Carr is a British TV presenter. He is also one of the few celebrities who publicly mentioned their hair transplant experience. Carr was very enthusiastic about it and gave many details. What did he do to get such good hair?
Here is everything you need to know about Jimmy Carr’s hair secrets!

Jimmy Carr's hair

Jimmy Carr, 49, is a famous British TV presenter. He appeared in my shows, including “The Big Fat Quiz of Everything,” where he casually mentioned his hair transplant experience. Carr was not shy about his hair procedure, and he gave funny details such as “my hair got socially distanced from my forehead.” He also posed as a hair transplant advocate saying, “it is show business, baby, let’s enjoy ourselves.” Jimmy Carr understood a hair transplant is self-care and men are right to take care of themself to look younger and more confident. He said his former hair made him look like a “snooker-playing vampire.” He also mentioned his hair transplant helped him achieve his hair goal: an Elvis quiff!

Jimmy Carr's hair loss

Jimmy Carr’s hair loss was due to androgenic alopecia, the most common form of baldness among men. 70% of them face this problem sooner or later in their lives. Androgen is a male hormone causing hair loss at the top of the head.
Carr knew a hair transplant was the only way to get his hair back as it is impossible to resurrect the hair follicles androgen killed.
Jimmy Carr started losing his hair at a relatively old age compared to other men and other celebs like Antonio Conte, who started being bald in their 20s.

Reactions to Jimmy Carr's hair transplant

Among his numerous fans, Jimmy Carr’s hair transplant did not go unnoticed. Many of them talked about it on social media. A user wrote about Carr’s youthful appearance on Twitter: “Is Jimmy Carr getting younger or just me? Does he not age? How does he look so fresh-faced after the year-that-shall-not-be-named?”

Jimmy Carr’s hair transplant is another sign this cosmetic procedure is no longer taboo. It became customary for a man to take care of himself, even more, if his job involved being under the spotlight.

Jimmy Carr's hair transplant: the technique and the results

What method did Jimmy Carr use for his hair transplant? He did not mention it, but he most likely used FUE, the most common hair transplant technique.

An FUE hair transplant involves harvesting grafts at the top of the head in an area where the hair is genetically resistant to androgen. The surgeon lets them rest in a solution while opening tiny incisions to implant the grafts into the scalp.

If FUE is the most common hair transplant technique, it is not the best. The best and most advanced method is DHI. DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation; the procedure is quite similar to FUE with the difference the surgeon harvests the grafts and implants them right away with a unique tool called “CHOI pen.” This difference increases the grafts’ survival rate and decreases the risk of complication as the procedure is even less invasive.

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