Jimmy Doherty hair transplant

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More and more people, including celebrities, are having hair transplants to get rid of baldness and get their hair back. Among the many stars who had a hair transplant, there is Jimmy Doherty. Let’s learn more about his experience.

Who is him? Let’s learn more about this star. What to know about Jimmy Doherty’s hair transplant? Because all the hair transplant experiences are different! What technique did he use? FUE or DHI, let’s dig into the distinct hair transplant techniques! What results did he get? How to get a hair transplant?

jimmy doherty's hair transplant

Jimmy Doherty, 46, is not a typical star! This British national television presenter is also a farmer and a chef. He appears in shows like Jimmy’s farm and Jimmy’s food.

What to know about Jimmy Doherty's hair transplant?

We know almost nothing about Jimmy Doherty’s hair transplant. Like many celebrities, he did not mention his transplant in public. However, as the British audience is very familiar with him, many people noticed his hair change: he had a hair transplant!

What technique did he use?

As Jimmy Doherty’s hair transplant is not official, we do not precisely know his hair transplant technique. However, he most likely had an FUE hair transplant technique as it is the most common method.

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction; this technique involves harvesting grafts in a donor area. The donor area is at the back of the head; the hair is genetically programmed not to fall in this area. After extracting the grafts, they rest in a solution while the surgeon opens tiny incisions in the recipient area to implant the grafts.

FUE technique is scar-free and offers a natural result. It is a non-invasive procedure, so the patients need just a day of rest before returning to their everyday life.

While the FUE technique offers good results, it is not the best technique available; DHI offers even better results. The methods are similar, with the difference during a DHI hair transplant; the surgeon immediately implants the grafts with a unique tool known as the ‘CHOI pen.’ This difference deletes the resting in the solution step and increases the survival rate of the grafts. This technique is even less invasive than FUE and offers more volume and an even more natural look.

What results did he get?

We can say a patient got good results from his transplant when the results match his expectations. If a patient has unrealistic expectations, he will never have a successful transplant.

As Jimmy Doherty never mentioned his transplant publicly, we cannot know if he is happy with the results. However, the “before and after” pictures show he looks great with his new hair.

How to get a hair transplant?

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