John Travolta’s hair transplant: best facts!

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Hair transplant had become the way to go for men and women who want to get their hair back. Many celebrities went under the knife to get luxuriant hair. John Travolta is one of them. What do you need to know about John Travolta’s hair transplant?

What technique did he use? What result did he get? Is it possible to get a hair transplant if you do not have John Travolta’s bank account?

Here is everything you need to know about John Travolta’s hair transplant!

John Travolta's hair transplant

John Travolta is an American actor famous for his role in Pulp Fiction, among others. It has been several decades since John Travolta is among Hollywood’s top names. His roles in iconic movies such as Saturday Night Fever and Grease forged his legend. He has experience with comedy, drama, music-hall, science fiction, and action flicks in his prosperous career. Travolta is 68 years old and has aged under the spotlight.

Getting old is not easy, and getting old while all the tabloids of the planet are gazing at you, looking for the tiniest sign of aging is a traumatic experience. One of the most common signs of aging in men is hair loss, and it also applies to superstars such as John Travolta. Growing old, he has lost most of his hair. However, Travolta’s numerous fans recently noticed a significant change in his hair.

John Travolta's hair transplant

Pictures showed Travolta almost bald, and two years later, he has his head full of hair! Hair experts exclude the hypothesis of a hair system as the roots look too natural. John Travolta most likely has a hair transplant.

John Travolta's hair transplant: the technique and the results

Hair experts believe he had an FUE hair transplant. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. This technique involves the surgeon harvesting grafts from the donor zone at the back of the head. Then the grafts sit in a solution while the surgeon opens tiny incisions in the patients’ recipient area to implant the grafts into the scalp.

This procedure offers good results: it is non-invasive and does not let any visible scar when the hair has grown back.

For hair experts, Travolta most likely needed various hair transplants to achieve a good result.

Is it possible to get a hair transplant if you do not have John Travolta's bank account?

Like most celebrities, John Travolta most likely paid several thousand dollars for a hair transplant. Stars do not go on a budget! However, is it possible to do a hair transplant without being as rich as John Travolta?

The answer is yes! The best way to get a high-quality hair transplant at the best price is to travel to Turkey. Istanbul has become the best destination for hair transplants. Turkish surgeons are very experienced and offer surgery for a fraction of the price of Hollywood clinics.

If you are willing to get the best technique at the best price, go for a DHI hair transplant with doctor Kinyas at Hair Turkey!

DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation; it is like FUE on steroids! Instead of opening tiny incisions, the surgeon directly implants the grafts into the recipient area. This change takes hair transplant to another dimension as the surgeon completely controls the angle of the implantation. There is no waiting time in a solution either, meaning a better survival rate for the grafts. This technique is even less invasive than FUE, and the recovery time after the surgery is speedy. No necrosis of the skin and an even lower risk of infection as there are no open wounds!

DHI is the way to go if you want an ultra-natural, high-quality hair transplant. Get in touch with us via WhatsApp or our contact form to learn more about our unique offer.