Did Jude Law get a hair transplant? Best facts!

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More and more celebrities are getting a hair transplant to get their back. A hair transplant is the best way to look younger and to have luxuriant hair. However, most famous people who get a hair transplant do not mention it publicly; it does not prevent their fans from noticing!

Did Jude Law get a hair transplant? If he did, what technique did he use, and what results did he get?

Here is everything you need to know.

jude law get a hair transplant

Jude Law is an English actor known for his role in Sherlock Holmes. He is 48 years old and has been in the industry since his early 20.

Let’s take a closer look at his hair evolution.

Did Jude Law get a hair transplant: his hair loss history

Like many men, Jude Law suffers from androgenic baldness. Androgen is a male hormone causing hair loss in 70% of men. This type of baldness is progressive and leads to hair loss at the top of the head. There is no cure for this condition; the only way to remediate androgenic baldness is to do a hair transplant.

In his mid-20s, Jude Law already showed signs of androgenic alopecia. His frontline went backward. He was a two on the Norwood scale.

Norwood scale is the scale used to grade alopecia in males. There are seven stages. On stage one is no visible baldness, and on stage seven is the most advanced baldness.

In the next 15 years, Jude Law’s baldness progressed. At age 42, his frontline had a V shape. He was a four on the Norwood scale.

Did Jude Law get a hair transplant?

In 2015, Jude Law had a role in the movie “Spy” and showed luxuriant hair. Many of his fans believed he got a hair transplant. A while later in interviews, Law appeared with his hair loss again. He most likely was wearing a wig. So, did Jude Law get a hair transplant ? No! He most likely used a hair system.

Would Jude Law be an excellent candidate for a hair transplant?

Jude Law never mentioned any interest in hair restoration. However, his natural hair is pretty thick, and he would get pretty good results from a hair transplant, especially with the DHI technique.

The result would most likely be comparable to the hair system in the Spy movie, but they would be permanent. Jude Law would look much younger and dynamic.

What is the DHI technique?

DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation. It is the most advanced hair transplant technique available. The surgeon harvest grafts at the back of the head where the hair follicles are genetically resistant to androgen. The surgeon extracts the grafts and implants them directly in the recipient area. Unlike FUE hair transplant, there is no resting time in a solution. This difference increases the grafts’ survival rate.

DHI is a non-invasive technique, offering very natural and long-lasting results.

How to have a DHI hair transplant?

If you experience the same hair loss pattern as Jude Law, you may be interested in a DHI hair transplant to get your hair back. Istanbul is the best destination for hair transplants. There, surgeons are very skilled and experienced. The prices of hair transplants in Turkey are significantly lower than in Western Europe or North America.

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