Making love after a hair transplant

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After a hair transplant surgery, some activities are banned. Many patients wonder about making love after a hair transplant. As it is an intimate activity, many patients do not ask their doctor about it. However, doing some activities after a hair transplant may damage the grafts, so better to know which ones are to avoid.

making love after a hair transplant

Why avoid making love after a hair transplant?

It is better not to do sport after a hair transplant, and sex is to avoid. Even it is not an Olympic sport, it increases blood pressure and involves moves that may be acrobatic. Blood pressure increases worsen edema, which naturally appears in the grafted area. It increases the risk of edema spreading to the face, which is not comfortable but not severe. Edema goes away by itself a few days after the surgery.

In addition to the blood pressure issue, making love after a hair transplant may involve rubbing the grafts on the pillow or any bedding element. There is also a risk of hitting the head. Better rest for a few days after a hair transplant surgery.

Avoid making love for 7 to 10 days after a hair transplant

The grafts need about ten days to settle into the scalp and heal. Better to wait for 7 to 10 days before making love. A good clue to know if the skin has healed yet is to look for scabs on the scalp. If the scabs went away by themselves (patients should not scratch them or try to remove them), it means the healing process is complete, so the grafts are less fragile. The patient may resume activities such as making love or doing gentle sports. However, the patient must be careful not to hit his head or damage the grafts.

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