Pain after a hair transplant

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A hair transplant is the best way to get rid of baldness. Many people wonder about the pain after a hair transplant. Is it possible to avoid pain after a hair transplant?

FUT hair transplant was known to be very painful. Hopefully, techniques have improved, and FUE and DHI methods are pain-free and do not let visible scars.

pain after a hair transplant

Pain during a hair transplant

The fear of having pain during a medical act is ordinary and universal. However, this fear should not discourage a patient from doing a hair transplant. During a hair transplant, the patients’ comfort must be one of the surgeon’s top priorities. The first advice to avoid pain during a hair transplant is to be mindful when picking the clinic.

A good hair clinique, such as Hair Turkey, includes sedation in its surgery protocol to avoid pain during the anesthetic injections in the scalp. This part of the surgery protocol is painful if done without sedation. With the full protocol involving sedation and local anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain or discomfort during the surgery. Many patients even fall asleep during the surgery!

Better ensure the clinic as a pain-free surgery procedure before signing anything. Clinics that take a lot of patients to maximize profits do not bother to offer pain-free surgery.

Pain after a hair transplant

After the surgery, the doctor prescribes painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs to avoid pain when the local anesthesia fades away. If the patient follows the treatment, he will not feel any pain after a hair transplant.

To avoid pain after a hair transplant, better carefully follow the guidelines from the medical team. Some activities may cause trauma which could ruin the transplant’s results and cause pain. The patient should not lay in bed to sleep on the first night because the grafts could rub on the pillow and pull away. Better rest in the one or two days after the surgery so the body can focus on healing and grafts setting.

It is normal to feel moderate discomfort during the first ten days after the surgery. However, the patient must notice his doctor if he feels sharp pain, and painkillers do not help.

What to do with pain after a hair transplant?

Some patients feel pain after a hair transplant. Everyone reacts differently to painkillers, and patients can tell their doctor to increase the dosage or change the molecule to eliminate discomfort.

In other cases, pain is not due to the patient’s sensitivity but is a sign of complication. The patient must tell his doctor about a sharp pain that does not improve with the medicines and fever or unusual discharge. An infection may cause these symptoms.