What are the prices at British hair clinics?

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Hair transplants are everywhere. From celebrities to influencers, more and more men mention they had a hair transplant. Most of them are delighted with the results. Many English patients wonder what the prices are at British hair clinics as hair transplant procedures may be pricey.

Here is everything you need to know about prices at British hair clinics.

prices at British hair clinics

From simple to triple, why do the prices at British hair clinics dramatically vary?

Any patients who did some research about hair transplants in the UK noticed how the prices at British hair clinics dramatically vary. Fees range from £8,000 to £30,000 for a single procedure. Why is it so expensive, and why do prices dramatically vary from a clinic to another?

First, in the UK, as everywhere globally, prices depend on the cost of living. Services, where the cost of living is high, are expensive. A hair transplant cost depends on how much the clinic has to pay for rent, salary, taxes, and all the other operative expenses. As the cost of living in the UK is high, the prices of the services are high too.

In addition, prices vary because of the surgeon and clinic’s fame and location. Higher standards come with higher prices.

Moreover, the prices also depend on the technique used and the number of grafts. In most clinics, FUE is cheaper than DHI. A mega DHI (a hair transplant utilizing a DHI technique for more than 4,000 grafts) reaches more than £15,000 per session.

Are there any other options?

For many patients interested in a hair transplant, prices at British hair clinics are too high, and they cannot afford the procedure. Many of them wonder if there is any other option to get their hair back.

As said above, prices depend on the cost of living, so looking for hair clinics in regions where the cost of living is lower is a good start. However, a hair transplant is a medical procedure, and quality must be more important than low prices.

The best compromise is to go for a hair transplant in Turkey. The hair transplant prices are much lower than in the UK, while the quality remains very high.

Before booking, patients must be careful about what the price includes and what technique the clinic offers. Overall, FUE is significantly cheaper than DHI, but DHI offers incomparable results. Moreover, patients must make sure the doctor performs the surgery himself and not an assistant.

The unique offer of Hair Turkey

At Hair Turkey, we dream of making the best hair transplant technique affordable for all patients. Because getting one’s hair back does not mean getting bankrupt, we have a unique DHI offer.

DHI is the most advanced hair transplant technique. It offers very natural results and is non-invasive. The uniqueness of the DHI procedure is in the tool used to perform it. The ‘CHOI pen’ lets the surgeon precisely control the inclination of the grafts’ implantation for a natural and undetectable result.

Unlike FUE and older techniques, the surgeon directly implants the grafts without incisions in the skin. This difference is a determinant in the recovery process. After a DHI hair transplant, a patient needs just a day of rest to feel at his best again. There is no necrosis of the skin, and the risk of infection is minimal as there are no open wounds.

We are willing to offer the best service at the best price. Doctor Kinyas is proud of being a specialist in the DHI technique, and he performs all the surgery himself.

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