Scalp biopsy: what is it? Best facts and pro-tips!

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There is a scalp biopsy among the various examinations to know the hair loss causes. What is it? How does it work? Is it painful?

Here is everything to know!

scalp biopsy

This examination involves harvesting a scalp sample to study it under a microscope.

What is the purpose of a scalp biopsy?

The purpose is to analyze the scalp skin and study the number and structure of hair follicles. It helps determine if they are normal or suffer from an inflammation, leading to hair loss. The biopsy also shows if the alopecia is from a scar or cellular infiltrates.

When to do a scalp biopsy?

When alopecia keeps going or if there is a doubt on the diagnosis after other examinations. A doctor prescribes this examination.

How does it work?

During the biopsy, a very tiny part of the scalp is harvested. The sample is taken under local anesthesia in an active inflammation area.

A specialized doctor then analyzes the sample to precisely determine the cause of the hair loss or alopecia.

Good to know

  • The biopsy is carried out under local anesthesia, so it is pain-free.
  • The examination lasts for about 30 minutes.