3 things to know about sport after a hair transplant

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Many patients wonder about doing sport after a hair transplant. Some activities are forbidden for a few days, weeks, or months after the surgery because they may damage the grafts.

Is it possible to do sport after a hair transplant? Which sports are advised? What about water sports?

sport after a hair trannsplant

In the days following the transplant, all physical activities (including sexual intercourse) are banned because a blood pressure change could prevent the grafts from setting well into the scalp. Moreover, physical activity includes the risk of hitting or falling on the grafts and damaging them.

Sweating increases the risk of infection because it feeds the bacteria. Better avoid any sweating situations.

Two weeks after the transplant

It is possible to resume physical activity after the grafted area has healed. The best way to know when the healing process is complete is to look for scabs. No more scabs mean the skin has fully healed. It takes about 10 to 15 days.

Although, better to wait a bit more to ensure not to damage the grafts. The best would be to resume sport at least one month after the transplant. After the skin has healed, there is no more risk of infection, but the risk of damaging the grafts is still accurate.

A couple of weeks after the transplant, it is possible to resume gentle physical activities such as strolling, yoga, or stretching.

Sport after a hair transplant: after one month

It is crucial to wait for at least one month to do any sport involving balls or contact, such as football, basketball, or martial arts. Better wait one month to train with weights.

Patients must also remember they shouldn’t expose the grafts to direct sunlight because it may prevent them from setting well into the scalp.

Water sports

One month after the hair transplant, it is possible to do most sports, except aquatic activities. Chlorine of pools or salt of the ocean are harmful to the scalp and may affect the result of the procedure.

Better wait at least three months to do any aquatic activity. Patients may wear a swimming cap to prevent any damage.

Following the surgeon's guidelines

It is crucial to follow the surgeon’s guidelines carefully to get the best results possible. The patient may contact his doctor for any questions, so he won’t practice any activity which may damage the grafts, especially about the sport after a hair transplant.

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