Stem cells use to get rid of baldness

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This revolutionary technique comes from South Korea: cutaneous application of stem cells to give density and thickness to the hair.

The scientific journal STEM CELLS Translational Medicine related the research of South Korean scientists. They studied adipose-derived stem cells (ADSC) under the skin, which are crucial in growth hormone production. How stem cells use can help to get rid of baldness.

stem cells

Promising results

This study about stem cells use to get rid of baldness involved 38 volunteers, divided into two groups. Nineteen patients got the stem cells treatment, and the 19 others got a placebo. After sixteen weeks, patients from the first group noticed their hair density increased by 28.1% and their hair thickness by 6.3%.

We already knew those stem cells were efficient, but they were injected on not locally applied. This cutaneous application reduces adverse effects because injected stem cells may be invasive.

An experimental technique

This technique is promising. However, it is still at an experimental stage and is not available yet. Patients suffering from baldness can do a hair transplant to get luxuriant hair. This method offers a natural-looking and long-lasting result.

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