Transgender hair transplant: best tips and advice

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If a hair transplant helps men suffering from baldness to get their hair back, this technique may also help transgender women to get more feminine hair. What to know about transgender hair transplants? How may a hair transplant help an MTF transition? Who is the suitable candidate for this type of hair transplant, and what are the counterindications?

transgender hair transplant

The transgender woman wants to make her hair more feminine during her transition. Women’s and men’s hairline slightly differs. The roots are different, and even hormonal therapy cannot change this. Hormonal treatment cannot renew the hair felt because of androgenic alopecia.

Those reasons explain why many transgender women turn to hair transplants for their hair transition. At Hair Turkey, we know the issues transgender women face during their hair transition. We are here for you during all your transgender hair transplant process.

The purpose is to reinforce hair density and make hair implantation look more feminine.

What is a transgender hair transplant?

A transgender hair transplant MTF (male to female), also known as transgender hair restoration, uses the last generation hair transplant technique to make the hair more feminine. Transgender hair transplant MTF is suitable for all hair types and adapts to the patient’s needs. It is as good on European hair as on afro hair.

Who is suitable for a transgender hair transplant?

Usually, hair transplant patients are men suffering from androgenic alopecia. However, this technique is also efficient for transgender women who want to look more feminine. Hormone therapy for transgender women stops androgenic alopecia progression, making the hair transplant long-lasting for transgender women.

What is androgenic alopecia?

Androgenic alopecia is the leading cause of baldness. This type of alopecia is due to androgen, a male hormone, leading to alopecia in males. In transgender women, hormonal therapy usually stops androgenic alopecia, but it cannot regrow the hair felt because of androgen.

Transgender hair transplant benefits

A hair transplant on transgender women helps with:

  • the lack of density
  • bald spots
  • receding frontline
  • baldness
  • masculine frontline

Those surgeries give excellent results. However, they are not recommended for patients suffering from non-stabilized baldness. If the baldness is not stable despite hormonal therapy, the grafts may fall.

Transgender women can contact us anytime to discuss their hair situation with our team and know if a transgender hair transplant is suitable. According to their situation and their need, we establish a personalized treatment.