What is the trichoscale? Best facts and pro-tips!

Table des matières

It is a scalp scan.


What is the purpose?

The trichoscale can measure the prevalence of hair loss and the proportion of sick hair. If the patient has a treatment for hair loss, this examination can measure its efficiency.

When to do a trichoscale?

When the patient wants a treatment for hair loss or is willing to do a hair transplant, this checking may also be helpful for hair growth abnormalities suspicions.

What does it research?

The trichoscale measures:

  • surface, number, and density of the hair strands
  • the average length of hair
  • anagen/telogen ratio (how much hair is growing and dead).
  • hair thickness
  • the number of follicular units (helpful for hair transplant)
  • Number of hair strands per follicular unit

How does it work?

The biologist shaves and dyes a small part of the scalp (about one centimeter of diameter).

He takes a reflected light microscopic picture of the area. This picture is zoomed up to 20 times. To know the anagen/telogen ratio, the biologist takes another shot 48 hours after shaving.

A cutaneous imagery software analyzes the pictures.
It automatically calculates the various analyzed parameters. It is helpful for the doctor’s diagnosis.

Good to know

  • The checkup is pain-free lasts 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Patients should not wash their hair at least 48h before the appointment and not brush it the day before the checkup.