Turkish beard style: everything you need to know about!

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Beards are everywhere. Men’s facial hair came back a few years ago: beard and mustaches are the new cool. Barbers have become popes of facial hair, and the most talented of them are Turkish barbers. Turkish beard aesthetic is the way to go.

Here are a few tips to achieve the best Turkish beard style.

Turkish beard style

History of Turkish beard style

Beard in Turkey is a big deal. Historically, as Turkey is a Muslim country, most men used to have a beard to meet the religious requirements. In some cases, facial hair reflects the appurtenance to a political party or trend, such as the nationalist mustache.

Nowadays, the beard is either a religious sign as Muslim men still grow it, but in most cases, men have a beard for a cosmetic purpose because they enjoy the manly look beard gives them.

Anyway, Turkish beard style is a thing in Turkey, as much as the best barbers are the Turks. They keep a century-old male beauty ritual known worldwide as Turkish barber care.

Turkish beard style: what is a Turkish barber?

Turkey is a country between Europe and Asia, well known for kebabs, but what do their barbers do to be that famous? The answer is simple: they offer the most complete, luxurious, and traditional men’s care. 

While in most European cultures, hair care and esthetic are for women only, in Turkey, men feel manly going to the barber for an extended, complete care session. It is right in the line of wellness culture, like hammam and massages.

The traditional Turkish barber care includes:

  • Hot towel shave, the most luxurious type of shaving. It is highly relaxing and lets the skin be incredibly smooth. 
  • Beard trim to achieve the perfect Turkish beard style.
  • Nasal hair waxing to remove the unesthetic nasal hair.
  • Singeing fine hair. It is a special technic to remove unwanted or damaged hair with fire. Do not try it at home!
  • Massage to complete this luxurious experience.

What makes Turkish barbers different?

Turkish barbers’ care is unique for many reasons. Turkish have been practicing this beauty ritual for centuries. However, we can point out some steps of this experience that make the difference with other types of shaving.

Turkish barbers start the care by applying steam on the face. This first step has two primary purposes: opening the pores and gently cleaning the skin. Steam helps wipe away dirt, sweat, oil, and bacterias without aggressing the skin and damaging it. To complete this step, the barber then wraps his client’s face in a hot towel. This step is highly relaxing and helps get the skin clean and the pores open to get the best cut possible.

Then, the Turkish barber applies a shaving foam or gel and shave with a straight razor. He uses another towel to gently pat the client’s face and remove the excess shaving foam.

The last step is to massage the face with aftershave to make the skin smooth, refreshed, and smell great.

This traditional Turkish shave does not let any sign of shavings like cuts or razor burn. It takes more time than a basic shave, but it is worth it, and it teaches men self-care is not just for women. Men, too, deserve to be pampered and take time to relax.

What to do if you can't grow a beard to adopt the Turkish beard style?

For genetic or medical reasons, some men are unable to get a dense beard. Their beard does not grow thick enough to look like a man, and they have to shave it clean to not look like a teenager afraid of razors.

This problem is the alopecia of the beard. The best way to treat it is a beard transplant. At Hair Turkey, we offer a high-end service and high-quality beard transplant.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can get the perfect Turkish beard style with a beard transplant in Turkey!