Get the best Turkish hair transplant: pro tips!

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turkish hair transplant

Turkish hair transplant has become a thing in the last years. More and more people, including influencers, travel to Turkey to get their hair back. Why this success? What do make Turkish hair transplants the best?

Hair transplant is a surgical technic aiming to cover bald spots with grafted hairs harvested in an area where hair is genetically coded to last forever.

turkish hair transplant

Why a Turkish hair transplant?

Turkey and Istanbul are top destinations for hair transplants. Istanbul counts many hair transplant clinics, and Turkish surgeons are very experienced in hair transplants. They have the reputation of being the best doctor for this procedure.

In addition to being the best, Turkish clinics have another argument: the price. While hair transplants are a luxury in Western Europe or North America, this procedure is much more accessible in Turkey.

However, price is not the most important criterion for picking a Turkish hair transplant clinic.

How to pick your clinic for a Turkish hair transplant?

Even if Turkish hair transplants have the reputation of being excellent, all the Istanbul clinics are not reputable, and they are traps to avoid.

The term “hair factory” refers to a hair transplant clinic more interested in money than in their patients’ well-being, health, and happiness. Those clinics are not reputable or ethical; they do a lot of fake advertising to get as many patients as possible. In hair factories, the doctor advised on marketing material does not do the surgery himself. Assistants with unclear medical education perform the surgeries without the active supervision of a medical professional.

Those clinics cannot guarantee any results: assistants may have enough experience and skills to achieve a good hair transplant or work for this clinic for a couple of weeks. This situation explains why hair factories’ online reviews dramatically vary.

Some hair factories even charge more for the doctor himself to perform basic steps of the surgery, such as doing the incision in FUE transplants.

Hair factories do not include everything needed at their advertised prices. For example, sedation, which is necessary to have a pain-free transplant, is an option. Patients need to ask for sedation, and the clinic will charge them several hundred euros. Hair transplant without sedation is extremely painful. It is an excellent example of how hair factories value more money than their patients’ well-being.

Hair Turkey is proud of being a rare clinic where the doctor performs all the surgery himself. We value the security, health, and well-being of our patients before anything else. Sedation is a part of our standard surgery procedure.

How to avoid hair factories and find a reputable Turkish hair transplant clinic?

  • Ask precise questions such as “Does the doctor perform the surgery himself?” “How many surgeries do you perform per day?”. Reputable clinics will not have any issues to answer. If you feel the hair counselor is trying to gaslight you, follow your gut and pick another clinic. Reputable clinic hair counselors are honest, responsive, involved, and do not sell a surgery like a car or a washing machine.
  • Make sure what is involved in the price. Many clinics have an all-inclusive package for international patients. It often includes the surgery and the accommodation. As said above, double-check it includes sedation during the surgery. Be extra careful about the hotel quality level and if the price includes all transfers. You most likely do not want to miss your surgery time because you got lost in Istanbul. Once again, reputable clinics will not have any problem answering and providing documentation.
  • Look for reviews on independent platforms such as Facebook groups or internet forums. Try to get in touch with former patients to know more about their experience.