Using hair gel after a hair transplant

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Many patients wonder about using hair gel after a hair transplant.

A hair transplant is an excellent technique to get one’s hair back. Thi method offers natural-looking and long-lasting results. Patients who underwent this surgery wonder what they can do or not after the procedure. Some activities and some products are harmful to the grafts and would damage the transplant results.

What about using hair gel after a hair transplant? How long after the surgery is it possible to use styling products on hair? Are there any natural alternatives?

Using hair gel after a hair transplant

Using hair gel after a hair transplant

Many men use hair gel to style their hair, and it also belongs to some women’s hair routines. Is it possible to use hair gel after a hair transplant? At first, it is not.

Right after the surgery, the skin of the recipient area (where the surgeon implanted the grafts) has to heal. Applying any products except the ones given by the clinic on non-healed skin may cause infection or allergy.

Once the skin has healed, the hair has to grow back. Patients must be careful not to apply any products that may prevent the growth: chemicals such as hair gel or spray are to avoid the recipient area for at least six months after the transplant. Moreover, hair gel clogs pores and prevents hairs from growing well. Using hair gel involves rubbing the scalp to spread the product, damaging the grafts.

Patients better wait for three months before using hair gel on the donor area, where the doctor harvested the grafts.

Overall, those products contain chemicals that damage the scalp and prevent hair growth. Better finding natural alternatives.

Alternatives to hair gel after a hair transplant

It is possible to use natural alternatives to hair gel to style hair without endangering the surgery results.

Aloe Vera gel is an excellent substitute for hair gel. This natural and moisturizing product helps hair grow healthy and offers a light fixation. It will not replace the “concrete fixation” hair gel from the store, but it will provide a light and discreet fix. Shea butter is a good dupe for hair wax.

What are the other hair products to avoid after a hair transplant?

Patients shouldn’t use any other products than the ones given by the clinic for at least the two first weeks. Then, patients should prefer natural products which do not contain chemicals that may prevent healthy hair growth, clogging pores, or dring out the scalp. Watching shampoo compositions to avoid chemicals is an excellent way to promote healthy hair growth. Better use organic and short ingredients list shampoo.

Going for natural products is an excellent way to optimize hair transplant results.