When can I wash my hair normally after a hair transplant?

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Aftercare after a hair transplant surgery is essential. Right after the procedure, the grafts are sensitive, and the success of the transplant depends on aftercare. When can I wash my hair normally after a hair transplant? is a question many patients ask. What to do and not do while washing hair after a hair transplant? Hair washing in the first week after the surgery is an important step. 

Let’s dig into the subject of hair washing after a hair transplant.

A hair transplant is a non-invasive surgery aiming to cover bald spots or low-density areas.

When can I wash my hair normally after a hair transplant

On the day of the procedure, the doctor forbid patients to wet their heads. A bandage covers the donor area for the first 24h after the surgery. Patients should also refrain from taking a shower while the plaster is in place. If they want to shower, they should be careful not to wet the bandage or the grafts.

When can I wash my hair normally after a hair transplant? The second day

The following day after the surgery, the medical team will remove the bandage and proceed to the first wash. This washing is very gentle not to damage the grafts. The patient should not use the shower jet because the pressure may damage the grafts. He uses a special shampoo given by the clinic. Do not rub a towel on the head, but gently pat dry with a disposable paper towel.

When can I wash my hair normally after a hair transplant? The first week

For the first week, the patient is cautious when he washes his hair. He does not use the shower jet and gently pours water on his head with a bowl. He uses the shampoo given by the clinic. Be very careful when you dry your hair. Do not rub a towel on the grafts; it may damage the grafts.

Washing hair is essential to remove the scabs with form after the surgery. Gentle daily wash also decreases the risk of infection.

If the patient is too harsh while washing his hair, some grafts can detach from the head. If bleeding occurs, he should use gauze to apply pressure on the wound. Contact a doctor if the bleeding does not stop or intense pain, swelling, or fever.

Do not touch or scratch your head. It is normal to feel mild itching; it is a sign of healing.

When can I wash my hair normally after a hair transplant? After the first week

When the grafts are well set in and healed, it is possible to use the shower jet without risking damaging them. The patient may use his usual shampoo. The shampoo composition must be mild and clean. Avoid harsh and chemical ingredients which may dry the scalp and be aggressive to the hair—the more natural, the better.

Once there are no more open wounds, the patient may help the skin heal better and faster by applying aloe vera gel or coconut oil on the scalp. However, those products are not safe to use on open wounds.

Patients must refrain from aquatics activities (pool, sea bathing, jacuzzi, and sauna) other than showering for three months after the surgery. Those waters contain bacteria that may cause infections.

How to do a hair transplant?

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