Wearing a hat after a hair transplant

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Many patients wonder about wearing a hat after a hair transplant. Patients want to wear a hat to protect the grafts from sunlight or hide the marks of the surgery while the skin is healing.

wearing a hat after a hair transplant

The main risk with wearing a hat is rubbing on the grafts. In the week following the surgery, better to avoid wearing a hat because it could rub on the grafts and damage them. However, patients may wear wide headgear that would not touch the grafts. Beanies are to avoid for the same reason.

Wearing a hat after a hair transplant is useful

After the first 15 days, wearing a hat is great to prevent direct sunlight from reaching the grafts, as it could be harmful to the procedure results. Patients must be careful to cover their heads to protect the grafts against the weather (sun, rain, or wind). The rest period after the surgery is short (one or two days); patients go out very quickly and need to keep the grafts safe.

The good post-surgery hat

Better cover the head after a hair transplant; the hat must comply with some requirements. The cap should protect the grafts against sunlight, wind, rain, or snow. In all cases, the hat must be:

Wide and comfortable

The post-surgery hat must be wide to not rub on the grafts. It must be comfortable to avoid the patient touching it and risks damaging the grafts.

Cotton-made and soft

Cotton is a breathing material that will help the skin to heal correctly. The fabric must be soft to avoid the grafts sticking on it and be pulled out while the patient takes his hat off.


A breathing material helps the skin to heal better and faster. It also avoids sweating and all the bacteria it feeds.


The post-surgery hat must be flexible so the patient can quickly put it on and off without damaging the grafts.

Big enough to cover all the grafted area

The post-surgery hat protects the grafted area from direct sunlight and bad weather. It must be big enough to cover all the grafted areas.

However, it should not press on the grafts to not damage them.

Wearing a hat after a hair transplant: your surgeon answers your questions

Patients are free to ask their surgeon any question about post-surgery care. Better leave the clinic without any doubt about what to do or not.